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Why are the golden tail's of these mysterious ancient twin monkey's so important?

         During the time of the ancient Greeks along with the Golden fleece also existed twin monkey's that had a golden tail. Their golden tail had the ability to make a plant, insect or bird fruitful, have the ability to heal and do good instead of doing something bad. The twin monkey's, named Haseela and Haseeli chose to make pear trees, cicadas, flowers with white petals that had a golden yellow central disc area, a canary's and pineapple trees turn fruitful, heal and turn good. The cicadas would sip on yellow colored flowers nectar and if eaten by a sick bird, they'd heal that bird. The white petaled flowers would help honey bees produce twice the normal amount of honey, helped keep the honey bees healthy and their honey would help heal anyone who was sick that would eat it. The canary's song helped give a lonely person love and helped heal a broken heart. The pineapple fruit helped a person or animal stay healthy. The twin monkey's spreaded happiness, peace, love and helped heal any being that was sick or hurt by touching them with their magical golden tail.

"Haseela, I found a town that needs our help. Let's bring some canary's and pineapple to them. They're mostly men that have a broken heart because their wife left them. It's because they couldn't provide food for them. The pineapples will help bring them back together and will feed and heal these people," said Haseeli to Haseela, his loving monkey wife.

"That sounds great!" Haseela said to Haseeli her loving monkey husband whilte both of them were busy gathering everying then headed to the poor town. A hungry villager man stopped them that wore a ragged brown burlap toga. The twin monkey's tried to continue to leave but he wouldn't let them go.

"Please give me a pineapple, I'm starving!" said the homeless villager man.

"Here you go. We're heading to your town. You can get a wife now, here's an extra two pineapples for her," said concerned Haseeli.

"My name's Helorious, thank you! Mind if I travel with you to help you?" Helorious asked while he gulped a mouthful of the pineapple he cut up.

"Yes, you're welcome. We could use some help!" exclaimed Haseela.

         When Helorious finished hungrily eating the pineapple, he and the twin monkey's quickly loaded the 10,000 pineapples on to his old carriage and all of them headed to his town. When they finally arrived there, they explained everything to the towns people. Everyone was then healed and the men were once again reunited with the one they truly loved. Helorious finally also found someone to love too. There were no more homeless people and Helorious taught the people how to cut, eat and plant the pineapples.

         Helorious and the twin monkey's continued to travel together to other poor towns and eventually the world, helped heal, love and fed people. Because of this, no one had to ever remain sick, homeless, hurt or unloved anymore. They even helped people that way from wealthy towns, and the world continued to live on happily ever after to this day.

~ The End! ~

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