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Cruel demonic enterprises
The Bully, part 2.....Dear mr. Depression, ........Run on home to daddy, Mr. Depression, for surely lucifer eagerly awaits the return of __his_ prodical son, and rightful heir to hell's estate. Although perhaps counterproductive to make admissions of you undoubted and spectacular failures.A coward to your very core, will see your defeat not place well on your resume of torture and caused despondency Your sheer arrogance will bring to you, no relief as judgement day befalls you, forcing you to be held accountable for your crimes against humanity. Crimes of sheer unimaginable cruelty, spewed forth from your pestilenti lips of no mercy. Long breaths of indignant narcasism will hold no joy for you while facing charges brought against you. Charges brought forth by the very victims standing united together. We your victims will rise up and hold you responsible for your demonic enterprises. Perhaps you need to rethink your house of cards, for laying within has no firm foundation. Or maybe there is great lessons for you in the story of the three little pigs. Shallow foundations for which you have built your lies upon, will bring about a decimation of your practices. In closing again mr. Depression, I say to you--cheek mate idiot----your move
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