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This follows Fictional Frenchmen Gabe Dupre. Also Available in French upon request.
July 27, 1914
Good morning! My wife, Belle, cooked heavenly croissants for breakfast, which she makes very rarely. Then we went to the Shakespeare Globe. They were playing a Midsummer’s Night Dream. Belle and I were laughing until our stomachs hurt. Then, for lunch, we went to our neighbors, the Garniers. Mrs. Garnier made delicious tuna sandwiches. Aline and Astor, the neighbor's kids were playing with their orange cat, Octavia. We discussed how France was going to go in the war because of the alliance with Russia and Serbia. We bid them a good afternoon and went to the Eiffel Tower. We stayed up till sunset. Between the view and the orange, pink, purple, and blue sky, it was the best day ever. I am very tired after this day. Goodnight.
Gabe Dupre

July 28, 1914
How could my life go from the best day ever to the worst day ever! Today the Prime Minister said that we were going into war! I thought maybe I could be a hero and fight so Belle will love me even more, so I joined the army. I did not know the full magnitude of what I was doing! We got fitted for uniforms, which are very vibrant and colorful. We had red trousers, light blue jackets, and blue hats. It looked like our flag. The day sounds like it is going well but secretly, I am very scared! I might die! But it’s too late. Tomorrow we are being shipped out. I wish I could go back to my normal life. I am going to go say goodbye to my friends and family. I will tell Belle that no matter what, I will always love her. I will take a photo of Belle so I will always remember her.
Gabe Dupre

July 29,1914
Everything is just so shocking! I am very scared that I will die. We went into our trenches because the obnoxious general barked it at us. It’s very hard. I am going cuckoo constantly. My buddies, Angus and Trevor, stand right next to me, and they agree on the scared part. You have to be tough or the sound of artillery guns and dying men will drive you cuckoo. And some have gone cuckoo. We have to wear gas masks all the time in case the Germans throw a gas bomb. It’s very boring in the trenches. We are not allowed to do anything so we can hear the general's command right away. We are not even allowed to talk! When the General gives the command, we have to jump out of our trench. Then we run across the field, dodging the barbed wire. Then we jump in the German trench and shoot them. But it never works because when we get out of our trench, the Germans start shooting. Trevor died that way. I know I am probably crazy, but by the expressions on their face, I don’t think they want to kill. They probably feel the same as us. They want to go back to their normal lives and be done with the war. I have a feeling we'll be celebrating Christmas together.
Gabe Dupre

July 34, 1914
Sorry I never get to write, we just never have time. I am currently waiting for the General’s command. My gas mask is a little loose but I don’t think it matters. Look! There is a green ball soaring through the air. Ouch! It hit my head! Everything is spinning. I feel kind of woozy. I am breathing in some weird chemicals. My eyes are burning. It must be a chemical bomb!
“Help!” I shouted. But no one is answering. I am shouting again. Angus is coming! He is picking me up and bringing me to a medic.
“ It is too late. He will die.” The doctor is saying. Oh no! Belle, when you find this, please remember that I will always love you. I am going to ask Angus to send this to you through the mail. My location is Verdun. Goodbye! Bye diary.
Gape Dupre

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