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Learn to Drive

Rules of the Road

WC 195

"It's the law! For goodness sake, stop!"

George stomped on the brakes. The car shuddered to a stop. He turned to Sally. "Satisfied?"

"It's the law! You stop when you see the big red octagonal sign. You learn that when you learn to drive. Didn't you take driver's ed?" She looked at George with a big frown on her face.

"No, Miss smartie pants. I learned one night in a parking lot. My dad was too wasted to drive home so I had to drive him. So, no." George stared out the window, his hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel.

"Great. I feel real safe. You'd better let me drive. Do you even have a driver's license?"

"Nope. Never learned to read. So that big red sign could say stop go leave stay. I couldn't tell you!" George tossed Sally the keys and they switched seats.

Sally started the car and glanced at George. "It's a long drive from Las Vegas to Louisiana. We'll have lots of time to go over the rules of the road. Maybe you'll even be able to learn to read some of the signs along the way."

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