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Most common question we ask ourselves and especially in the midst of tragedy or trouble.
What if I had paid more attention, would they still be here?
What if I listened when I was spoken to would they have shared more?
What if I realized something was wrong sooner, could I have prevented it?
What if I picked up the signs earlier, would they have leaned on me more?
What if
What if I was little more patient?
What if I was around more?
What if I wasn’t good enough?
What if I didn’t make them happy?
What if
What if I messed up the greatest thing I had?
What if I told them I loved them each chance I got?
What if we didn’t have that fight or that argument?
What if all I needed to do was care little more?
What if
What if they called and I didn’t answer?
What if I sent that last response?
What if I didn’t leave?
What if I stayed?
What if,
We kill ourselves battling these questions with ourselves, it might be too late for certain instances but its never too late to start with the people around you. We live in a world where we don’t seem to notice signs around us by the people closest to us just ourselves or just don’t seem to care enough to make sure that those we love, those closest to us are ok. Each one of us is battling with something and sometimes we just need a shoulder to lean on, someone to talk to, hug us and just listen. Sometimes for someone to just show up and be there.
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