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by Benny
Rated: E · Draft · History · #2194113
About a day in a knights life. This was just for fun.
The morning sun was bright while slowly drifting up the sky. I found a slice of bread on a plate and an apple beside the plate. As Darren was walking to the chapel the roads were full of noise and busy people walking everywhere.

"Fresh bread! Get your fresh bread for five silver!" yelled a peasant across the road. Once Darren got to the chapel, he did his daily morning prayers.

Afterwards, Darren travelled to the quintain and the pell to practice sword fighting and then to face Sir Theodore the 2nd in Jousting. Once Darren arrived, he saw Leslie slouching on the fence waiting for him.

"Get my armour ready Leslie," said Darren.

"Yes, Sir Darren," said Leslie quickly without any hesitation and so Leslie left sprinting the other direction.

"Your squire will need more training than you think," Spoke a strange figure from behind.

"Leslie will get the hang of it one day Lance," Darren said with a calm tone to his voice.

"If you say so," responded Lance. After a few minutes, Leslie came back with Darren's armour. Darren took one look at it and was disgusted.

"What's wrong Sir Darren?" asked Leslie all shaken up.

"The armours rusted and dented, Training will have to wait," Darren said in response.

"Why Sir Darren?" asked Leslie again. "We'll have to get new armour at the locksmith Leslie," Darren said disappointed.
It has been two weeks and Leslie still does not understand how to be a knight.

"Oh right," said Leslie in a very awkward manner. Walking down to the Locksmith a criminal was on the loose in the streets. An apple has been stolen from Mrs Chestnut's Market and havoc came spilling out. The burglar was running straight towards Darren and Leslie. As the burglar approached Darren to get away, Darren made a quick grab of the burglar's shirt and caught him without any struggle.

On the other hand, Leslie was terrified. He started to cower to the wall, all curled up. Mrs Chestnut came running towards the two of them.

"Thank you very much, Sir Darren! I couldn't thank you enough!" Mrs Chestnut said with joy.

"All apart of the day's job Mrs Chestnut," said Darren politely. Everyone on the street started to applaud Darren with their gratitude.

"Thank you, thank you very much" spoke Darren to the crowd.

As Darren and Leslie walked along the path to the Locksmith, they were very quiet. When they got to the Locksmith there was no sign of anyone there.

"Hello!" shouted Darren.

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