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What's so unique about these birds? Where do they come from? Read on the find out more.

         There's a planet called Heartjo that exists which is overfilled with multicolored flowers and multicolored heart seeds that are from the flowers. The only species that exists here that gets to love, see and enjoy all of this are the flower tailed ostress birds. Only seven of them exist, and one is only born once per year. They're so rare only because this planet was recently created by the Father. Whatever flower or heart seed the ostress bird likes the most will be the color their flowery tail will change into.

"Rejo, (a red winged, red beaked, red belly and red flower tailed ostress bird with a pure white feathered body) why do you always have so much love for only the red flowers and red heart seeds? There are others you're missing out on enjoying. My favorite ones are the pink and blue ones. Each seed tastes different and each flower smells unique too," said Pinka who has pink wings, a pink beak, a pink belly, pink flowered tail with a pure white feathered body concerned.

"Pinka, I'm fine, I only love the red ones," snapped Rejo angrily.

         An ostress bird named Bluejo overhead this (who has blue wings, a blue belly, a blue beak, a violet colored flowery tail with a pure white feathered body) and tries to offer Rejo a violet heart seed," Here Rejo, try this. It's delicious! It tastes like two different seeds at once!" Bluejo exclaimed merrily.

"No way! I'm fine with eating only the red ones!" snapped Rejo to yet another ostress bird for a second time now.

         Finally, an ostress bird named Purpla came along. (She has a purple beak, a purple belly, purple wings, a yellow flowered tail and a pure white feathered body). She knew about how Rejo refuses to try anything new. She's just as stubborn as he is!

"Hi Rejo, my name is Purpla. I know all about you. I'm just like you! Can we be friends? If you try smelling this yellow flower and taste the yellow heart seed, I'll smell a red flower and try a red heart seed in return," said Purpla slyly.

"You want to be my friend? Thanks! Ok, I'll sniff the yellow flower and will only nip the yellow heart seed," said Rejo while also watching her do the same, but with red ones.

"Wow! This is delicious! I looove it!" exclaimed Rejo.

"I love this!" said Purpla merrily.

         After Purpla and Rejo tried the different flower and heart seed, they became great friends with each other. The other ostress birds found out about this change they both made and they all became their friends too. Rejo and Purpla eventually tried every flower and every heart seed there is. They even encouraged the others to try eating a bite of two different seeds at once and they were all happy now.

         Purpla and Rejo a year later had a baby male ostress bird. He had a mixed purple and red flowered tail, had red wings, a purple belly, a purple beak and a pure white feathered body. They named him Purblo. He especially loved to smell the purple and red flowers and heart seeds, but loved all of them too anyway.

~ The End! ~

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