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by Tee
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #2194261
A man helps out his coworker at his own expense. Includes female growth and male shrinking
My name is Thomas. I had worked at the same job for a couple years and had seen many coworkers come and go. I recently graduated from high school and was about to begin college. I was friends with all of my coworkers, but I really connected with one in particular. Her name was Bella. We bonded over time about video games, miscellaneous television shows, and just school in general. I was 5'9, while Bella was 5'7, although Bella always said that we were basically the same height. We both had a slim build behind our matching uniforms.
I had been talking to Bella for quite some time whenever we worked together and even outside of work, and I began to manifest feelings for her. One day at work, we were required to go into the storage room and take inventory of our stock. We made chit chat while we worked and tried to have a good time while working.
Bella was reaching up to try to grab a box from a high shelf when it came tumbling down, inches away from her face before I caught it. Bella looked over at me and our eyes met, holding the gaze. Setting the box back in place, we blended together in a kiss, embracing each other tightly. We moved very fast, lost with each other. We took each others shirts off, followed by our shoes. The belts came undone and the pants were removed. Lastly, our undergarments were removed and we made love. Both of us had been virgins, so this was our first time. I was hesitant, but with her affirmation, I slid my penis into her. We had sex for what seemed like forever, and we both came together.
"That was incredible," Bella said, catching her breath.
I could feel my heart beating through my chest as I slid off Bella, leaving my hand on her. Bella wrapped her hand around mine, and I felt like I was in love.
We laid on the ground for a while, not wanting to leave the other's side.
"I guess we should get back to work.." I said hesitantly.
"Yeah, I guess so," Bella said with a sadness in her undertone.
We grabbed our clothes and began dressing ourselves. We noticed that our clothes fit a little differently, but it wasn't enough to make us question it. We got it all put back on and went to work. We didn't notice, but we had shifted heights. Bella had grown 2 inches, while I had shrunk 2 inches. This change made me 5'7, while Bella had grown to 5'9. We had swapped heights, but did not notice it.
We had finished doing inventory and went back to join the rest of our coworkers. Nobody really noticed the height change either, or at least didn't say anything about it. Eventually Bella was told that she could go home, and she did. When I was cut, I found that I could not stop thinking about her. I had never had sex before, and I found it incredible with her, even better than I imagined sex would be. I could not wait for our next shift together.
That night, she filled my dreams. She was so pretty that I could not take my eyes off her, and we made love for hours. When I awoke, I knew that this was more than my usual crush.
The next shift we had, Bella had already started her shift when I arrived. When I walked in the building, we met eyes and smiled at each other. It was apparent that Bella had been thinking about me as well. We exchanged small conversations, not talking about what had happened as there were customers and coworkers around. Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore. I had been eyeing her up the whole time and wanted to get close to her.
"Hey Bella, could I get your help with something in the cleaning room?" I asked, masking my true intention.
Bella and I walked together to the cleaning room and Bella closed the door behind him. Without even needing to unveil my intentions, she already had her shirt off and was quickly working on the rest.
"Well come on, we don't got all day," Bella said as she glanced up at me.
I took the hint and began taking off my uniform. Bella unclasped her bra and slid off her panties and flew at me, right as I was sliding my pants and underwear down. Caught off guard, I was knocked off my feet. I didn't have time to feel my collision with the ground as my lips were interlocked with hers, and we began to slide our bodies over each others. With Bella on top, she took control of the situation, and adjusted her pussy over my ever enlarging penis and slid it into her with a loud moan. Not a care in the world, we were lost in each other's presence. She moved like a machine, rocking and moving back and forth, working my penis like magic. I reached up and massaged Bella's breasts, feeling and admiring their firm, round shapes. Once again, we both came together and Bella relaxed on top of my chest. I wrapped my arms around her, noticing something strange. I thought she seemed a bit heavier than she had looked earlier, but I figured it was just because of me being drained and tired.
Bella began to stand and helped me up. We did not take enough time to look at each other as we gathered our clothes and began putting them on. I put on my pants and fit my belt, and found that they barely hung on. I disregarded it, and put on my shirt and shoes. My shirt seemed a size too large, with the short sleeves almost reaching my elbow. My shoes had too much room, a misstep away from falling off. I looked over to Bella, who seemed to be having issues of her own. Her pants looked like floods, stopping above her ankle and socks. Her shirt looked a size too small, barely reaching the belt of her pants.
She looked up too and met my gaze. We looked at each other in shock. I was shorter than Bella. My eye level was right below Bella's chin.
"Oh. My. God." Bella said, a look of surprise on her face.
"What the..." I stuttered in confusion.
"I don't know how this happened, but we've spent enough time in here already, we have to get back out there," Bella said, trying to adjust her pants.
"We can't go out there looking like this!" I said, gesturing to our clothes.
"Well, we both seem to be having opposite problems, how 'bout we just switch clothes," Bella suggested.
"Yeah, I suppose that's the only option we've got," I said, beginning to take off my large clothes.
We both put on each other's uniforms and they fit pretty well. With my bigger build, it seemed to fit on Bella's larger body, while Bella's more feminine figure fit more on my smaller body. The black dress shoes seemed to fit each other just right as well. I felt a little weird, as the shoes looked like female shoes, while Bella's current shoes looked like male shoes, but shrugged it off as we had no other choice.
"Wait hold on," Bella said, reaching for my chest. She bent down to get at eye level with my chest and unpinned my name tag, which had her name on it. She swapped it for her's and gave me my name tag.
"Hey, just for curiosity's sake, can we check real quick?" Bella asked, pulling a measuring tape off a nearby shelf.
"Sure, let's see what the damage is," I said, leaning up against the wall.
Bella unrolled the tape and set it beside me. She bent down and looked at where I lined up on the wall. She grabbed a marker and made a mark. When I knew she made the mark, I stepped away to look at it.
"FIVE FOOT FIVE?!" I exclaimed, mind racing.
"Wow, you're even shorter than I was. Do me now," Bella said, getting up against the wall.
I looked up and made a mark at where I assumed the top of her head would be. She stepped away quickly to see just where she stood.
"Whoa, five foot eleven?? That's awesome!" Bella shouted.
We put the measuring tape back and went back out to work. I was wondering just how it was possible. The other coworkers gave us some weird looks but surprisingly didn't say anything, paying more attention to the work at hand. Bella had an extra skip in her step, seeming more peppy than ever. We talked about anything and everything while we worked, avoiding the topic of our new heights and relationship. She was much more giggly and happy about everything she talked about.
After work, I found himself researching all sorts of height related things, finding nothing. No one had ever just shrunk or grown out of the blue. I didn't think it was the sex that would do that, everyone had sex. I pushed it off, hanging up my new clothes from Bella, the only things that fit now, in my closet.
When I went to sleep, I found that Bella graced my dreams once more, only this time she was big. MUCH bigger. She was easily twice my height, but still the same old Bella I knew. She was facing away and I admired just how huge her eye level ass was. She turned towards me with a huge smile on her face. It seemed everything grew in proportion, as her once C-cup breasts were much larger. She walked over to me and leaned over, putting her hands on her knees.
"How's my little man doing??" Bella asked, raising her voice higher than normal, as if talking to a child.
"I-I'm good.." I responded, wondering why she was talking in that manner.
"Why is little Tommy hiding?" Bella prodded, poking at the bulge in my pants.
She unzipped my jeans and pulled my pants down. She got down on her knees and bent over, putting my penis in her mouth. It all felt so real and amazing. As soon as I came, it all washed away. I found himself alone in my room, having just woken up from what had to have been the best dream in my life. I noticed my underwear felt damp and I knew what had happened. I had a wet dream. I cleaned himself up and got ready for the day. I put on some shorts that I could adjust and a shirt that had always been too small, but found that they were still too big. I knew I wouldn't be able to wear my own shoes, so I put on Bella's dress shoes, and found that they were a little roomy. Fearing what I already knew had happened, I went and grabbed a tape measure and a pencil from my office drawer. I made a mark on the wall and turned around to measure it. It only read 5'3. I had shrunk another 2 inches.
I grabbed my phone to text Bella and saw that she had already texted me.
<<Your clothes already don't fit me??>>
<<Shoes are sooo tight>>
<<How is this happening?>>
<<Meet me at the Starbucks by the mall. We NEED to talk>>
I sent back a quick reply saying that I would be there soon and departed for Starbucks. I felt comical in my over sized clothes and shoes, but raced to see Bella. The car felt strange and I had to adjust everything to fit my new height. When I got there I saw Bella's car in the parking lot. I went inside, finding the door a little heavier than normal.
I saw Bella at a table inside drinking something with caramel on top. She saw me come in and gestured for me to go over. I noticed right away that her clothes looked very tight. She had to have been wearing someone else's clothes because her's would rip and my work uniform wouldn't fit her either. She was wearing her shoes however, which had to have been killing her feet. I was about to sit down but she stood up first. The top of my head was barely above her shoulder. She gasped in what seemed to be excitement and grabbed my hand, guiding me down to my seat.
"How tall are you now?" Bella asked eagerly.
"Five.. Five three.. You?"
"Six foot ONE. I'm over six feet tall."
"Jesus, how is this happening??"
"I have no idea, but I never thought I'd be this big! Just look at me!"
"You look incredible.." I said in awe.
"Well thank you! And I must say you look absolutely adorable. I have to admit, being taller than you is kind of cool, being so close in height was too normal."
"Yeah, this definitely isn't normal anymore.. Bella can I say something, all honesty here?"
"Of course! What is it?"
"I.. I'm in love with you."
"Oh.. Thomas, I love you too."
We reached across the table towards each other and grabbed the other's hands.
"What do we do now?" I asked.
"What we do now, is we go somewhere and we prove just how much we love each other," Bella said with a wink.
Without further instruction, we left, getting in my car. We drove to a hotel nearby and I gave the receptionist my debit card, asking for a room. We went up to the room with nothing other than what we had on them and locked the door, leaving the do not disturb sign on the outside. We left a trail of clothes from the door to the queen sized bed and fell onto it in our full nudity.
We took a few moments to admire each other. Seeing how long her legs looked, how round her butt was, and how large her breasts had grown really turned me on. We began making out and jumped right into making love. Our moans were so loud, but we didn't care if the neighbors could hear. We had sex for a while and came several times. Bella's long legs entangled mine, and her breasts bounced around right in my face. I wrapped my hands around her and held onto her ass. Her large hands grabbed onto me, massaging and kneading my body. We kept going on and on.
Hours passed and we finally relaxed. We both laid on our backs staring up at the ceiling recovering from our session. I guessed that I had cum 3 times throughout the whole endeavor. I rolled over, placing my hand on her chest. I knew right then that she was bigger than before. I couldn't tell how much, but as I glanced down, I found that her feet were hanging off the end of the bed by at least a few inches. My head was even with hers and my feet went down to her lower thigh. Her thighs looked so thick and her legs so long, but she also looked so fit! She looked like she had packed on more muscle than she had before and appeared healthier than ever. She put her hand on top of mine and I was shocked at how large her hand felt. She didn't seem to notice and she closed her eyes.
"I love you so much," Bella said in a hushed voice with her eyes still closed.
"I love you too, Bella," I responded.
After some time, still holding my hand, she drifted off to sleep. I could feel her rhythmic breathing and I pulled my hand back slowly. I took a moment to compare our sizes from my current viewpoint and then rolled out of bed. Her head was on the pillow at the top of the bed, and her feet still hung off the edge. Her feet were huge, almost as long as my entire arm. I admired every inch of her in all of her huge glory. I got onto the bed and looked down at her huge pussy. I felt like I could stick my leg in there. I thought about waking her up, but figured I would let her sleep for a little while.
I picked up the clothes, noticing that she neglected to bring a bra, which I assumed was because it wouldn't fit. I set her clothes on the desk, and put on my clothes, laughing at how large they were. They barely stayed on, so I held them as I walked. I left my shoes off, knowing that they would not function well at all. I opened the much larger door and made my way to the receptionist. I ignored the strange look I got from the worker and asked for a measuring tape. When I got one, I thanked the worker and made my way back to the room.
Bella was still sound asleep, though she shifted onto her side on the bed, curling her feet up onto the bed. Realizing she might've been cold, I grabbed a blanket and put it over her naked body. I walked over to the wall and secured the measuring tape. I got up against it, making a mark at the top of my head. Right away when I looked, I noticed I was under the five foot mark. I was 4'9. I could not believe it, I was a full foot under my normal height. I guessed that Bella grew a foot from her normal height, meaning that she was 6'7. She was one of the tallest girls in the world, definitely the tallest girl I had ever met.
I crawled onto the bed and wiggled under the blanket, getting very close and personal with her body. Her breasts were right above my head and her knees were right below me, almost making a sandwich. I shifted, putting my feet towards her breasts with my head against her thighs. I spread them ever so slowly, making room for my head. I put my head in between them, moving closer to the warmth coming from her pussy. It was as big as my face. I put my face against it, sticking my tongue inside. I wiggled it around, moving my nose against her moist lips. I licked away surprised at how good she actually tasted.
It wasn't long before I felt shifting. She didn't say anything, but I felt a hand land on the back of my head and push. I wasn't sure if she had fully woken up, just that she wanted to be pleasured, My face plunged into the dark, wet, and warm vagina. I kept licking, putting my whole face into the action. I had trouble breathing, so I tried to back out a little to let in some air, but the hand on my head said otherwise. The hand was bigger than my head, and the strength behind it was surprising. She wanted to make her cum and she wasn't going to let me stop. Not wanting to disappoint, I kept licking, spinning my tongue in circles. I used my hands to play with her clit. I could hear a faint moaning through the blanket, which confirmed that I was doing a good job. I worked and worked until I felt a splash in my face as I was covered in her sticky juices.
The hand let up, and I backed my head up and got a breath of somewhat fresher air. I admired the large pussy that I had just worked on and crawled out from under the blanket. Bella's eyes were still closed, which led me to believe that she wasn't completely awake. She had held me there in her sleep, barely using any of her strength and I could hardly move. I licked my lips and laid next to her on the bed. I pulled some of the blanket onto my much smaller body and snuggled up against Bella, drifting off to sleep after an eventful day with the love of my life.
I awoke after feeling very aroused. Bella, being much bigger, had a harder time moving around on the bed without jostling someone awake. She outweighed me by quite a bit so the whole bed would move with her. When I woke up, she was towards the bottom of the bed on top of my legs. She was leaned over me with my cock in her mouth. She was moving up and down rhythmically. She had her hands perched on either side of my body. I tried to shift, but found I couldn't with her weight on top of me. I relaxed as she sucked and licked until she finally drained me of my cum.
"Morning sleepy head," Bella said with a wide grin.
"Mornin' my giant girlfriend!" I replied.
"Ummm, excuse me, I'm a giantESS,"
"Ohh, my mistake," I said as I put my hands up defensively in a joking manner.
Bella got off me and stood up, stretching her long arms and scraping the ceiling.
"Seems I got a lil bigger, huh?" Bella said as she looked down and lifted up one of her large breasts. She stood up on her tip toes and admired her vantage point.
"Indeed you did," I said, getting off the bed and standing next to Bella. I was staring straight at her belly button.
"Hello down there."
"Holy shit.."
"Hey watch the language mister," Bella said as she pointed a finger at me as a joke.
"Whatever you say.. Hey, I set up a tape measure if you want to check it out."
"Sure! But.. you go first."
I got up against the wall, looking up slightly at my last mark. Bella made another mark and I stepped away.
"4'7, you're a foot shorter than my normal height," Bella said matter of factly.
"I guess so. Your turn, my giantESS."
Bella got up against the wall and handed me the pencil. I looked at the pencil, then up at Bella. There was no way I would be able to reach that high. Bella sighed disapprovingly but laughed as she enjoyed our scenario immensely. She grabbed a chair and I stood on top of it, making a mark above her blonde hair.
"6'9! Hehe sixty nine," Bella said giggling.
Even though she had changed so much she was still the Bella that I knew and loved.
"C'mere lil man!" Bella said as she put her hands under my armpits and lifted me up. She held me at eye level for a moment, and I was in awe at how easily she had picked me up and how she was holding me in the air. I looked down and marveled at the distance. She tossed me onto the bed with ease.
"Don't move a muscle, I'll be back."
Bella threw on her extremely small clothes, her shirt more of a crop top, and her pants almost becoming shorts, and grabbed my shorts. She pulled out my wallet and left the room. I waited on the bed, wondering where she was going. After a little bit, there was a knock on the door. I knew Bella wouldn't knock and was too nervous to say anything. I stood up from the bed and stared at the door, wondering what to do. The door slowly opened and I saw a woman on the other side with a cart. She wasn't looking in, and was about to drag in her cart to clean the room. She looked so huge to me now and I panicked. I bolted back onto the bed and dove under the blanket.
"Uhhh this room is occupied!" I yelled to the woman.
She turned around and made eye contact with I.
"Oh sorry little boy, I didn't know anyone was in here," she said apologetically and closed the door.
She thought I was a little boy, that's how small I was. I sat there thinking about my situation, but my mind kept drifting back to the incredible image of Bella. Shortly after, Bella returned. She had a cart with her filled with all kinds of breakfast foods from pancakes, to cereal, to cinnamon rolls. She pulled it up to the side of the bed and sat down. The bed groaned and leaned towards that side, pulling me towards her. I slid into her round butt. She laughed, stood up, and removed the much too tight clothing, plopping back down on the bed.
She began to dive into the huge breakfast she had brought. All her growing must have made her build up quite the appetite. Although I hadn't eaten much in the past day, I wasn't feeling hungry. I just sat next to her as she ate what she could.
"I had to put the breakfast on your card, is that okay?"
"Yeah... that's.. cool," I said, watching her take down more food than I ever could.
"You sure you don't want some?"
"I'm okay, thanks though."
"I could feed you like a mama bird if you want," Bella said, looking down at me with an open mouth filled with mashed pancakes.
"I'm gonna pass on that, thanks though," I said laughing.
She finished off the last of the breakfast and pushed the cart away. She fell back, laying flat across the bed.
"You know, I've liked you for a really long time."
"I didn't know that. I've liked you practically since you started, but was too afraid to say anything."
"Well, I'm glad we finally came together."
"Me too. Besides, who else would have been as supportive as me when you grew to seven feet tall?"
"What do you mean grew? I'm not that tall!"
"How 'bout we fix that? Wouldn't it be cool to say that you're seven feet tall?"
"That would be really cool.. I'd be so tall! Get over here, we're doing this!" Bella said, still laying down.
I stood up over her, taking a good look at the last time I'd be able to look down. I put a foot on either side of her. My penis sprung out over her, hard from her erotic figure.
"Quit teasing me!" Bella exclaimed, grabbing both my legs and pulling them out from under me. I fell on top of her and she rolled on top of me. She guided my penis to her pussy and slid it in. She slapped the side of my face with her tits and worked my penis even better than usual. Her vagina was so big compared to my penis I was surprised it stayed in. I came at last and could feel myself dwindling.
Bella rolled onto her back, pulling me on top of her. We made out and talked to each other for hours. I could hardly believe how big she was, her entire body enveloping mine. She wrapped her long arms around me in an embrace while we talked.
Eventually, we had to leave the hotel room. I used a towel and wrapped it around my body, while she used a sheet from the bed to cover herself. We got out of the hotel as quickly as we could and made it to my car. I got in, and found that I could not reach the pedals, nor could I see over the steering wheel. Sharing a look with Bella who stood outside the car, we knew what to do. I got in the passenger seat, while Bella squeezed into the driver seat. She had to move it very far back and down, and it still looked like a tight fit. We drove back to her car still in the Starbucks parking lot.
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