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The First In a story series. The Title must be changed for the length so please mind that.
In a property just outside of City of Tokyo, There was a massive 20 Acre plot of land with a massive Building with the Name on a sign just outside the property alongside a near abounded road that says
"Dr. Edrington's School for Gifted Children"
Outside the Academy, the cherry blossoms were blooming and a young man about the age of Fifteen wearing a pair of torn up jeans, A Pair Of Nike Sneakers and a plain white T-shirt. He had greasy black hair with milk-white skin and blue eyes. He started walking up the pathway to the school and a Machine beeped and formed a Plasma-based energy gate is formed onto the path ahead of him and a video feed was shot up from a holographic disc that popped out of the ground. A Voice Bank started playing and asked the Young man
"Identification please?..."
The young man asked
"You mean my name?"
The Voice banked repeated
"identification please?..."
The Young man answered the Voicebank with his name which he said
"James Bartholomew Alexander the Fifth."
The Voice banked beeped and told him
"Please wait. We, Will, connect you to Dr. Edrington."
"Is this James?"
James had gotten excited and said
"Yes, I am James! I have received this Letter from you about my Um... Specialties"
"Of Course Please come in I will send in one of my best students to pick you Up."
The plasma gate was retracted a Young woman also about the age of 15 arrived. She was wearing a uniform of a skirt, leggings, vest, and undershirt with heir hair short and neat, kept out of her hair with hair Pins. She had light brown hair and was tall and had curves while also be somewhat busty. She walked up to James and Blandly said
"I'm guessing your James?"
He said while stuttering at her beauty
"Good just follow me."
They started walking to school. As they were walking a sudden voice just appeared
James went jumping into the air from surprise and as he looked around a Girl about the age of 14 was standing there just coming out of nowhere. She also wore the same uniform and her hair was a Darker brown. She asked The Girl
"Hey, Juliet who is this?"
"This is James. He's the newest student."
The girl walked up to James and told him
"Nice to meet you but if you even start making moves on my girl then I will have to hurt you.":
"Julie I am not "your girl" and you know that!"
"Yes You are and I just brought a cute new swimsuit for me to wear and you to stare."
She said it so seductively as if they were lovers and Juliet said
"No, I am NOT!"
A bolt of lightning was shot out of her body and nearly electrocuting Julie but missed as she teleported to a nearby spot. James was not too surprised and as he turned around he saw the School there were a whole lot of Superpowered Teen's practicing on the field firing beams of energy, going a near light speeds and even manipulating time and space around them. A Man in a black suit and with a prostatic leg and external heart implant started walking up to them and said
"Hello, James welcome to Dr. Edrington's School for gifted children. A safe haven for Mutants everywhere."
James was In awe as the school was full of several superhuman teens just like him. Edrington looked to Him and asked
"Might I ask what is your Power per se?"
James was suddenly removed from the awe and told the Man
"I um... I have Matter manipulation?"
Julie started jumping all over James and asked Him
"Wow! Can you show us how that works?!"
James obliged and he started manipulating the air around him turning some of it into a Gold Ingot with the Marking "24K. Gold". Julie was amazed and starts fangirling and Juliet who was easily impressed but Is now somewhat Impressed Give a quick
And Edrington said
"Great Job! You will be a great addition to the student body. Let me show you to the rest of the Student Body.

10 Minutes later...

A bunch of students was lined up to introduce themselves and show off their Powers. A Girl with long white hair and a shy personality with a soft voice stepped up and said
"Hello My name is Vixen. My power is to Manipulate Water, steam and/or Ice."
She showed off her powers by turning the air into water molecules, water Molecules to Ice, Ice to steam and steam but to Air.
A young African American Man started stepping up. He is large and he also had a proud personality. He said with a Kenyan accent
"My name is Nigel. My power is To adapt to any situation."
He then took a match and lit his arm aflame. As soon as that happened His body started adapting to the situation as his skin turned to scutes made out of stone and flesh made out of Obsidian and as the fire consumed His body Vixen turned the air into water putting out the fire and his adaptability turning him back to normal. Next was a Blue Skinny young man with blue hair with Pointy ears and a long tail with a barb at the end. He said
"Hello, my name is Cain. My power is Teleportation Like that of Julie, rapid claw attacks, Mind Manipulation, and Mind control."
He then teleported all across the place while using his mind control to Make Vixen pour more water on Nigel. Next was a very small girl about 3ft tall with Short black hair tied in pigtails. She said
"Hello, my name is Emily. I am 17 despite how I look and my power is that I can Manipulate my size."
She first changed her size to that of a quarter then grew to the size of Bull elephant with the strength to match and started hitting the ceiling so she went back to her normal height. Then there was a girl in a suit of Armor that looks like an ironclad hazmat suit and she said very shyly
"Hello, my name is Kate. I have the power to spread any kind of bacteria, virus and/or disease... But I shouldn't show that." Next was another girl who looked a little like Emily except she was about 5'7" and she said
"My name is Leia. My powers include creating portals, small black Holes, white holes, manipulating time and space."
She then demonstrated by creating a portal to her mini fridge and grabbing a Soda. she opens the Can and starts Drinking. Then there was man with a huge jaw filled with jagged razor sharp teeth and huge muscular arms and he said
"Hello My name is Gorgonopsid but everyone just calls my Gorgon. My jaws can rip through steel like paper." He then grabs a piece of scrap metal and shredded it with his Jaw and arms in just 1.5 seconds flat.
And Finally, there was another girl. she was pretty with blonde hair, milky white skin and had plenty of curves and an extra large bust but really shy and embarrassed by it. She shyly said
"Hello, My name Elizabeth. My power is that I can talk to animals and make them do what I want. She then calls in her pet raccoon and told him to shake James's hand which he did. she then added
"And I Bet you already met Juliet and Julie."
Dr. Edrington said to James
"Arent they all great! Now all of you go to your dorm rooms. I shall tell you if anything happens..."
He then turns to Juliet and said
"Do you mind taking in our new student to his dorm room?"
Julie broke into the conversation and said
"Of course we will!"
They took James to his room and he told them
Juliet said
"No Problem and if you have any questions come to me."
Both girls left and James was happy as he is now to become a budding SuperHero.

To be continued...
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