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Forget about the yesterday that broke you and focus on the tomorrow that will build you.

Yesterday I was filled with joy,
Yesterday I had no fear for anything,
Yesterday I felt untouchable,
Yesterday I was happy

Yesterday is no more

Yesterday I felt love like no other,
Yesterday I was strong and brave,
Yesterday I meant so much to you,
Yesterday was the greatest

Yesterday is no more

Yesterday I had a mountain of energy,
Yesterday I could take on the world,
Yesterday I loved unconditionally,
Yesterday my heart was pure,

Yesterday is no more

Yesterday I was smiling and laughing,
Yesterday I celebrated for no reason,
Yesterday I had you,
Yesterday was enough to carry me through another day,

Yesterday is no more.

All the yesterdays prepares you for a greater tomorrow. Without the bad yesterday, we can’t have a stronger tomorrow. Be grateful and thankful for the yesterday because you now know how to deal with the greater tomorrow.

To many of us who had the “yesterdays” and think the tomorrows won’t get better, even though it feels that way, we feel defeated, we feel broken, we feel useless and unworthy. The happy tomorrows are not too far away, the happy tomorrows are coming sooner than we think. We need to look forward and work hard to get to the happier tomorrows,
The yesterdays where we felt broken in-fact helped us, prepared us for the bigger, the better and the greater tomorrow.

Pain and heartache is not forever, might feel as if you won’t overcome that pain, that loss, that breakup but remember even though yesterday is no more, tomorrow is only but a few hours away.
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