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Why are Jen's feline's so special? Read on to find out!

         Jen (a woman in her 30s with long brown hair and beautiful large, hazel eyes) loves cats, and as a matter of fact, she runs a shelter for them. What's unique about the cats she finds or people give her are they're either black or white and they always have beautiful blue eyes too. Jen wonders how such beautiful cats wound up being abandonded.

         One day while Jen was sitting in her office, she heard all of the cats meowing all at the same time. Before that, it was quiet before she was going to open her store, but she hurt her hand from a paper cut because she was trying to get her paper work done too fast. She also dropped her stapler on her large, right toe and hurt it.

"What's going on in here you guys and gals?" said Jen concerned looking at all of the meowing cats.

         She let two of the cats out to be with her. One of the cats licked her paper cut and another licked her big right toe the stapler fell on. She knew that the cats love her. She then looked at her paper cut and nothing was there. The cats were all quiet again and the ones that touched her wounds appeared to be smiling and were purring. She opened their cages and picked them up to love and thank them.

"Thank you Russell and Rachel! I love you too! So, all of you can heal someone? People gave you up because of this?! I'll take all of you home then!" Jen said while opening all of the cages to now take all of them to live with her at her home. It took her only one hour to bring all 30 of the cats over to her home.

"Well everyone, welcome home! I'm going to hire a pet nanny to help me take care of all of you. I hope she'll love and will take one of you home with her." Jen said while finally opening the last can of cat food for the 18th cat. Six were kittens and twelve were cats.

"Whew! That's a lot of work by myself! I love you!" exclaimed Jen lovingly.

         Jen called a pet nanny. Jeanie came over and Jen hired her to work for her right away. Jeanie said that she's open-minded and loves cats. When Jeanie cut herself on a can's lid of cat food, Toby jumped up and licked her wound, the wound healed right before Jeanie's eyes.

"Wow! Thank you Toby! So, all of you are special and no one wants you? Those people are crazy! I'll take nine of you back home with me! I'll go tell Jen about this," said Jeanie while loving on Toby and bringing him to show Jen.

"Yes! You can have any of them you want! When they have kittens, you can continue to work for me. But, I know that will be soon anyway so you can still just keep working for me. This is because Sally's about due anytime to deliver kittens," said Jen merrily.

"Thanks Jen! I'll still help you too," said Jeanie happily.

         Sally the next day had eight kittens! Jeanie talked Jen into giving them to her friends and family. They too understood that these cats can heal people.

         After this, Sally had another nine kittens a year later, and so did the other five female cats. Jeanie and Jen reopened the cat shelter and taught people that these cats and kittens can heal people. Word got around about this about Jen's cats, so everyone came from all over the world and other countries to love and buy Jen's cats. No one ever remained sick or hurt anymore and Jen's cats always had a new owner to love and care for them.

~ The End! ~

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