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The silence left behind by disaster unknown
A silent landscape, once bustling with life. The waves crash against the shore, yet no one can hear the daily explosions of nature. No one can understand the language it speaks.

The land, once littered with activity, only has the silent flow of time and the faint whispers of the wind flowing through. No one is there to explore what was left behind, no one left to find the hidden secrets that so many have dreamed of.

The castle that stands, once proud and majestic, now stands for no one and nothing. The flag that showed the pride and joy is now completely destroyed, the only satisfaction is how the tattered remains still flutter in the wind and remain attached to where there is no longer any purpose.

This land once held a place to many ceremonies, some of the celebratory triumph over enemies, some of the joyous love between two partners in love, and some for no reason at all. The streets no longer hold any joy on them and only can celebrate the sweet release of decay as they break apart and are released back to the throes of the natural environment surrounding them.

Such loss of life, such loss of vibrant colors, what caused it? The only one who can tell is the looming smoking mountain in the distance, and as the wind whispers what deadly secrets lurk beneath that seemingly innocent smoke, the land awaits its next victim to claim.
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