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by Monty
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Western · #2194411
Old Bill Searched for gold until...

Now old Bill was getting tired
Yet still he walked the hot sands,
Searching for the gold that he knew
Would one day be in his gnarled hands.

He had searched here in this valley
Since a time much of it was green,
With cattle grazing the hillside
And other people were here seen.

That was so very long ago
But old Bill knew the gold was there,
So he walked the hot desert sands
And spent time looking everywhere.

Then there it is – an old tin pan
Held by the hand of a bleached white bone
But what is that, beneath the pan
That glistens with a yellow tone?

At last he’s found what he looked for,
His heart is beating much too fast,
As he falls he reaches out,
Touching gold while breathing his last.

Looking above him in the air,
His thoughts are wondering why
He can see the large dark shadows
Up there circling in the sky.

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