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Is proof of intelligence proof of life?
Time passes by changing all

Who started twirling the phone cord around their finger in between the adjusting of the aluminum sticks protruding out of the Tube filled box heaver than the couch (and taking up almost as much) to perfect the 1 good station of the 3 received and pulling up a chair to it so they don't have to keeping walking across the room to turn the channel knob...

Is now who is telling the air what 4 channels to watch of the 100 received on the wall, while reading the conversation from their boss and setting electronics to recognize heat signature so they automatically switch on/off .

Once planning the time to purchase goods was gaged by distance from home and hours of operations, yet now time is irrelevant while the key strokes replace the need of workers.

Remove the mistakes of genetics by ordering up a baby mix; green eyes, high check bones, dark hair and tinted skin to be combined in needle for add to starter cells of 20 years ago.

Replace heated and padded box to headphones and screens return to climate less box.

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