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by sanfmo
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2194476
Sister Mary escapes from the zomby master and must warn the city of the impending danger

Mary leans against the wall and rolls the globe again. She feels and hears the wall move this time. Stopping to listen Mary hears Dudley in the throws of his final drum solo. Excitedly, Mary walks to the other side of the globe and gives the world a mighty spin.

The corner of the room opens first slowly then quickly. Mary holds her breath, waiting for it to stop. The corner swings open then closed again.

Mary looks at the globe closely. She is certain she can see the Mediterranean Sea. She uses this as a reference. Turning the globe slowly but deliberately she sees the corner move. She turns it a bit faster. The zomby master is wrapping up his drum solo. Mary turns the globe faster. The corner starts opening faster. The opening is large enough for her to squeeze through. She stops the globe and pushes the wall as she makes her way through the opening with some difficulty.

Mary makes a hurried attempt to close the door in he wall but it won't budge. She turns to find a path ahead of her.

Meanwhile, Dudley finishes his drum solo with a few extra flourishes and snare stabs. The crowded room goes crazy with unnatural moans and other strange sounds. The zomby mass raises it's arms in the air. The light show slows to a stop and fades out. The lights in the room come up slowly. Dudley sits, drumsticks raised in a triumphant salute to the sky. The mad drummer lowers his arms, cocks his head as if listening. He stands, looking around, confused. As the zombies continue to sway Dudley offers into the silence, "Mary?"

Mary feels her way along a dark corridor as quickly as she can. Her shuffling feet seem to announce to the world her desperate attempt to escape. She almost tumbles down the first step in a flight of stairs. Using the wall for support she feels her way down the first flight of

stairs to the landing. She reaches out with her left foot, patting the ground for more stairs. No, no staircase there. She begins to search around the walls and falls into a passage, on the opposite wall, running downhill.

As if on cue emergency lights come on, dimly lighting the passage. Mary can hear a noise much like a hum that starts low and builds to a higher pitch, then descends again. "Must be an alarm.", She says to herself. Now she can see the passage. Dudley probably figured out where she is by now. Mary now moves at a trot down the passage.

After what seems like miles of descending passage Mary can smell fresh air entering the shaft. She stops to listen. She only hears a distant drip of water somewhere. Mary now runs along the passage as it takes a sharp turn upward. Her footfalls seem to deafen her. With her heart pounding loudly, Mary stops to listen once again. She is certain she hears movement ahead. She can hear it but not see it in the darkness.

A disembodied swish blows the fetid smell of dying fish in her face. Mary takes a step back. She can hear strange sounds gurgling from a frustrated throat ahead of her. She takes another step back. She can hear feet shuffling but they don't seem to be going anywhere. Mary does her best to push her back against the wall and follow its contour in the direction of the fresh air, up the ascending passage way.

She takes two small steps sideways. She hears a snuffling sound and the weak aroma of fish sun bathing on the shore too long.

Mary stops. She hears something, Expecting it to be the start of the swishing sound she bends her knees in preparation to duck. This time she hears the swishing and ducks, hoping to avoid contact. The attempted blow passes above her head. Bits of rock and dirt fall down the back of her habit.

Mary quickly duck walks back down the passage a few steps. She knows that something is trying to attack her, it has a good sense of smell, it can't or won't move farther down the passage, and it wreaks of dead fish. If only she could see it she might know what she's dealing with. It's probably a zomby, but how tall, what's its reach like? It's hard to block your opponents blows if you can't see their hands.

Mary takes a deep breath to think. If she could climb out of the monster's reach. "Wait", she thinks, "maybe I can climb over it." Mary backs down the corridor. She runs as fast as she can up the side of the passageway, gravity dragging at her heels. She propels herself up the wall on the left and does her best to run across the ceiling. Slashing from below tears at the hem of her skirt. Gravity is becoming very persuasive as well. Mary manages to keep up her momentum as she runs down the irregular surface of the wall on the right, at a point she hopes will be behind the creature and sufficiently out its reach.

As Mary careens toward the floor she is barely able to keep her head up and her feet under her. Mary falls off the wall and hits the floor of the passageway hard; flat footed. She pauses for a split second to let her dizzy brain find its foothold.

Mary springs forward again and finds, to her unpleasant surprise, why this angry zomby can't go any further down the corridor. With all the uncaring rudeness of metal she launches head first into the chain restraining the beast.

Mary falls back, stunned. At the same time the fishy undead creature is sniffing her out. Mary sits down hard with her back against the wall. Mr. expired tuna salad sandwich approaches with a shuffle. Mary, through the fog, holds her breath. The distant sound of snuffling filters through the fog. Mary manages to stand on unsteady feet.

She gets wacked in the head for her trouble, pain seeps through the cracks of her stupor. Mary crumples to the ground.

Mary has never been so incapacitated. A little voice in her head is screaming for her to get up, run away and escape. She has to at least stop the slashing blows of this creature from shredding her into stringy bits. Mary marshals what strength she can, with difficulty she pulls her legs to her chest. Now her legs are getting lashed. Gathering all her courage she shoves her feet at the zomby. This is no more than a love tap on its chest.

Fishy breath bleats a high thin shriek and lunges at Mary. Her bleary eyes see the on coming body tackle. She rolls to her right. The zomby hits the wall face first. Mary lurches away and notices that the tunnel opens ahead. She tries to shake off her dulled senses putting one foot deliberately in front of the other toward the light.

Distant noises can be heard from the tunnel from where Mary escaped. Putrid fish zomby slowly pushes itself up from the floor. It's face looking like a pirate flag, with slightly more flesh. Mary gets out of the tunnel, the light blinding her. She staggers out onto a rocky beach where fish are tanning themselves. The beach borders a small pond. Mr. old tuna roll comes shuffling after her. Mary now does her best to get quickly away. Fishy zomby can come out of the tunnel but only to the waters edge, restrained by the chain around its neck.

Mary walks as fast as her unsteady legs can carry her. She hears voices coming toward her. She can see a group of people coming toward the mansion from which she escaped. One of the group seems familiar. She hides among some boulders near the beach and watches.

As the small group approaches she recognizes Brother Jacob with them. It takes a moment for her brain to process what's going on.

In her dazed condition Mary understands that now Brother Jacob is being taken prisoner by dear Dudley. Mary's brain cries out to attack, to rescue Brother Jacob. She also knows that she is in no condition to put up another fight. She knows she barely got away from Day-Old Tuna zomby and Dudley will be hot on her heels. She decides to return to the nunnery and try to raise help for Brother Jacob.

Mary returns to the nunnery. She wanders, as if in a daze toward the Mother Superior's office. Mary is exhausted and dazed by the normal bustle of the nuns going about their daily routines. How curiously ordinary everything is.

Does no one realize that the end of days is near? A sister here or there looks at her curiously but no one asks her where she's been or how she is.

The secretary to the Abbess sits properly at a desk outside her office. Sister Margaret looks up from her desk as Sister Mary approaches. Sister Margaret stares at Sister Mary. She manages to say only, "Sis..Sister Mary?"
As if on cue, Sister Mary collapses in a heap in front of Sister Margaret's desk.

Mary lays in a daze from her recent adventures in her snug but simple bed. She is in a dream state; a fugue.Through her befogged mind, during brief moments of conciousness, she does her best to warn Mother Superior and anyone who will listen of the impending doom about to be visited upon the city. No one is quite sure what she is trying to say.

She tries, in vain, to explain that Brother Jacob has been taken and is being held prisoner by Dudely, the Zomby Master.

Meanwhile, Brother Jacob is being abused in the most creative ways Dudley can think up. Zombies with muzzles on chase him until he is exhausted, which doesn't take very long. Brother Jacob, in the same cell that Mary was in, is expected to sing every popular song he knows, repeatedly. This unfortunately is as much torture for the listeners as it is for the singer. Not even the zombies seem to enjoy it.

In time Mary regains her strength. She is back to her youthfull self. But she is not the same. She is haunted by her captivity and wonders what tortures Brother Jacob is having to endure. She even finds herself missing her futile debates with Dudley.

When she is finally able to get the head mother's attention she explains to her Dudley's diabolical plan to turn everyone into zombies. The Mother Superior is skeptical. "We certainly don't like this Dudley fellow, but he has promised not to hurt the good citizens of this fair city. Surely he would keep his promise or be run out of town.", she says with hope.

Mary replies, "He has an army of zombies that no one knows how to control, accept him. He is unlikely to be run out of town."
"Well, Sister Mary, what can we do?"
"Mother Superior. I can't control those creatures but I do know how to stop them and it worn't be easy."
Mary busies herself with a plan.

Three days later Mary stands in front of a mirror. She gives a brief introduction then carefully rehearses a demonstration for anyone interested in "killing" these undead creatures. "Basically," she says, "you've got to destroy the head or seperate it from the body." She repeats her demonstration, punctuating it with kicks and punches.

She suddenly stops her routine and listens carefully. Sirens wail like the tortured souls of the damned. The sounds of alarm seem to come from everywhere.

Alerts crackle from radios, televisions and personal communication devices. It's as though the city itself is on its tiptoes in aniticipation. It waits in uneasy uncertainty for a blow, a strike, a defining moment. What will it be? From where will it emerge?

The Northeast part of the city knows. It will sleep no better with the knowledge. In fact, though its anticipation has been satisfied, it now knows the horrors that knowledge brings.

A Mass of humanity moves like a river pouring out of the Northeast part of the city. It streams toward the city center. An unstoppable wave of formerly alive humans. It roils it, it meanders, moving inexorably closer.

Mary panics. She has run out of time. How will she let people know how to stop this onslaught? She must find someone in authority. She sprints block after block. "There's never a police officer in time of crisis when you need one.", she thinks. Finally Mary waves down a motorcycle officer. He tells her he doesn't have time. She convinces him she can help and he relays her message over the radio to anyone who can hear it. The message is short, "Go for the head."

Mary fights her way through the crush of lost, hollow-eyed, soulless creatures. Near exhaustion she finds Dudley directing the onslaught of zombies from his War Table in what was once a park alive with the sound play and joy but now seems soulless and bleak.

Dudley is completely absorbed as he talks on a walkie talkie, giving commands and getting updates. Mary has to poke hime to get his attention. Dudley looks up surprised and dumbfounded. Mary roundly chastises him for the terror he has unleashed. He looks contrite. Yet, he is happy to see her. He says, "Where have you been?"

The two fall into a debate about whether the city is better off with a throng of zombies patrolling the city. It was as if they had never been apart. Mary is trying to buy time, distracting Dudley from his duties directing the mass of formerly alive humans invading the city. It may be too late to stop the creeps from creeping.

The zombies spread out across the city. The police force is doing its best to stop them but they are outnumbered. The police are able to stop small groups of the undead but can't stop all of them. Overwhelmed, they fall back and give up an increasing amount of ground.

"I have had enough of this!", Mary screams as she smacks her hand against the War Table. The zombies surrounding them make low snarling noises. Dudley looks at her, for once, speechless. "You can't just expect us to be cowed and give in because your creepy undead followers might eat us alive!", Mary continues.

"Dear Mary," Dudley says saracastically, "You are defeated. We haven't subdued the city, yet, but we will."
"You may think we're defeated but we will take back the city!", Mary yells in frustration.
"Guards, take her away. She is annoying.", Dudley commands.

Two of the nearby undead in camouflage grab Mary by her arms. She struggles against them. She pulls one of her arms free and smacks the nearest guard in the face hard enough to cause his head to crumple in on itself. The zomby's body falls to the ground.

Another camouflaged guard rushes at her. Mary manages to swing the guard holding her into the oncoming guard and quickly there is confusion. Zombies are tripping over themselves to do something. They're bunched up in a knot around her. None of them can do anything but neither can Mary. She's stuck in the middle of the mass of almost-humans. Dudley comes over and begins pulling the knot of zombies apart.

Dudley grabs Mary firmly by the arm. Through gritted teeth he says, "Mary, join me in my quest to save humanity or watch your beloved city and anyone left alive burn." Mary looks at him. Suddenly the light of defiance leaves her eyes. She hangs her head in defeat and nods in affirmation that she will join him. The thought of watching her city burn overwhelming her.

The zombies continue their rampage through the city. Anyone caught out in the street or without shelter is either assualted or simply becomes a meal for the maraurding wave of insatiable undead. Soon every street has zombies mindlessly shuffling along it.

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