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Discovering the truth about the person you thought you loved
There was a time I thought I would and could spend the rest of my life with you,

A time where you meant more to me than you could’ve imagined,

A time I loved you so purely it hurt,

A time I just wanted to be with you all of the time,

A time where you made me feel feelings and emotions I didn’t know existed within me,

A time where seeing you made my day,

Where a day goes by without me thinking about you, missing you, wanting to be with you,

A time where when I was around you nothing else mattered,

A time where I thought I found the piece I didn’t even know I was missing,

A person I thought I could trust.

And then you should me the real you,

A person who only cares for themselves,

Who tells you things you want to hear to make them feel better about themselves,

A person who every word that came out of their mouth was a complete and utter lie,

A person who enjoyed controlling but doesn’t want to be controlled (a dictator),

A person who wanted you to open up but never spoke a word themselves,

A person who enjoyed power, and was entitled, and wanted but never wanted to give,

You tuned out to be the person I can’t stand

The person that when I see you I get enraged,

That having hurt the way I did for someone like you,

The tears I cried was for nothing, because you seemed to get off the hurt you caused me,

You got happy and excited when I ran after you but did no running yourself,

The most truly and unremarkably horrible and terrible person I have ever come across,

I wish and pray every day that the memory of meeting you disappears, that it vanished into thin air, the time we spent together never happened.

I pray every day that you could have just been a figment of my imagination and none of it was true.

I use to hope for happiness and joy for you until you showed me you. I wish you find another you, to know what it feels like to love so purely and so unconditionally just for them to play you, to tell you what you want to hear.

Lord knows I have never disliked anyone so much in my life until the day you showed me your true person and for that I hate you and I will never ever trust you again.

Written by - the one who use to be in love with you

Signed - the person that despises you.
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