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Life isn't about the big accomplishments, it's the baby steps you take to get there.
Chapter Six

On the way to drama class, I smile when I notice Blake walking towards me. He weaves between a cluster of students before moving to stand in front of me.

“Hey, Ava,” he says.

“Hi, Blake, what’s up?” I smile.

“I can’t thank you enough for last weekend! Running through the script was helpful along with the sleep. I’m also sorry about that, English assignments hit that snooze button in my brain,” he sighs.

“Honestly, you really don’t need to thank me or apologize. It’s understandable and I’m just glad I could help.”

“Thank you, and yes, this is the last time.” He chuckles. “It’s just been one of those weeks.”

Blake tugs his fingers through his knotty brown hair, then sharply exhales. His shoulders slump forwards and he stifles a yawn.

“What are you doing this weekend?” I ask.

“I’d like to say sleeping, but that usually never works out.” He sighs.

“Maybe I could come over again and help with London?” I offer.

“Do you really want to come back and help?” He gasps.

“Why does that sound so surprising?” I nervously chuckle.

“I just assume you’d have something better to do than clean poopy nappies.” He shrugs.

“The plan was to roll around in bed and watch movies, but this sounds better,” I admit.

“We could have a movie night at mine then,” he offers.

“I’ll bring the movies if you provide the food.” I grin. “I’m still obsessing over the amazing pasta you made last weekend. Maybe you could teach me some cooking tips in exchange for babysitting,” I cheekily offer.

“Sounds like a plan! I could pick you up tomorrow? London actually likes driving in the car,” Blake comments.

“That would be great, thank you.” I smile.

“Now that I've taken up enough of your time, I should let you get to class.”

I follow Blake into the drama classroom and we take a seat against the back wall. The classroom is a rush of noise as students mingle as we wait for everyone to trickle inside.

Mrs Sharn strides across the room and crouches in front of us.

“I got your email yesterday and I’ve revised the scene in the play. We’re going to practice it today,” she explains. “Quickly read through before we start and let me know if there are any issues.”

She hands us each a new script before wandering over to Megan.

“What was wrong with the script?” I question. “To be honest, I haven’t finished reading it. Since you’ve been gone, we’ve just done other scenes, some with your understudy.”

“When I finally read through the script, I noticed the kissing scene,” he explains.

“Oh, there was a kissing scene?” I frown.

“Not anymore.” He chuckles. “It’s just that I don’t want to kiss people I don’t have feelings for. That and, Megan and I have some bad history, I don’t want to cause drama over a tedious scene.”

“Fair enough, you shouldn’t have to kiss someone you don’t want to.” I agree.

Although, I’d be perfectly fine with him kissing me.

“Rehearsal time!” She claps her hands. “I want my three leads up front and we’re going to go through the new scene. I want to see emotion bursting through your words, an explosion of passion and chemistry.”

Blake jumps and helps me to my feet. We walk to the front of the class where a rough stage is outlined for the performance.

Blake and Megan begin on stage, while I wait off to the side. During this time, I flick through the script to see what’s been changed.

“This part of the scene has been revised, those in the scene have been given a new copy of the script. If you need a new one, I can email you a copy,” Mrs Sharn explains.

I sit on the ground and wait while she begins blocking the scene. Blake is already on the stage while Megan is to the side with me.

“I can’t believe we have to learn new lines,” she quietly grumbles. “This is...ugh.”

Subconsciously, I nibble on my lower lip to avoid laughing.

Mrs Sharn demonstrates how Megan must enter the stage before taking a seat. She quickly re-reads the lines before beginning the scene.

Entering from the right, Megan runs across the stage and grabs Blake’s arm. He turns around and frowns when he sees her.

With one hand clinging to his arm, Megan glances at her script and then looks into his eyes.

“You know this love is as real as the trees outside, as you and I. You talk of fate like as if there is no choice, but you made this decision. I cannot live knowing we postponed our love on the fantasy that our souls might meet again,” she says. “You once promised that we live in the reality of today, yet we dangle in the void of the unknown.”

Blake takes Megan’s hands and holds it in front of his chest.

“This love cannot be real, you know the consequences of our actions will be dire. We simply cannot love someone we cannot be with. We can pretend that fate will be our saviour, but it is our damnation.”

“Bestow your soft lips on mine once more; I want you to tell me you can’t live without me.” As she spoke those words, she slowly inches in.

On cue, I walk onto the set and the two quickly jerk apart.

“Madame, you’re wanted,” I say.

Blake goes to leave but Megan holds onto his hand. He looks to the ground, then into her eyes.

“Goodbye, my love.”

Megan’s hand dropped to her side as Blake exits the stage.

Someone calls ‘end of scene’ and we go to our starting positions to work through the scene again.

“I like the concept, but I’m going to continue tweaking the scene,” she comments. “Until then, let’s work on another scene.”

Mrs Sharn looks through her script and then calls the applicable students onto the stage. I don’t hear my name, so I shuffle to the back and watch the performance.

Blake gives an enticing performance as they’re working on the scene we practised at his house. Although, Mrs Sharn continuously stops the performance to make Megan re-do the same scene.

I’m not sure how the teacher is going to get the chemistry flowing. Blake’s a prickly cactus and she’s a balloon. They’re bound to pop and not in the firework way.

The force of emotion leaves a ring of hope that maybe we’ll get swapped. Although, with that scene of desperation, I’d rather not.

When class ends, Blake swiftly collects his belongings and shoot off like a rocket. I lazily retrieve the script from the floor and wander towards the doorway.

“Ava, can I speak with you?” Mrs Sharn calls.

“Sure,” I reply.

I walk across the classroom and smile.

“Next week, we’re going to work on the understudies. Please ensure you know the Princess’s lines. If there are any revisions towards the new scene, I’ll email them to you over the weekend.”

“Okay, no worries.” I grin.

“Great, have a good weekend!”

“Same to you, Mrs Sharn.”

When I exit the classroom, I find Kyle waiting with a blue frosted cupcake in hand.

“For me?” I cheer.

“Yes, for you.” He grins.

I happily take the cupcake and bite into it. A small moan escapes my lips when I realize it’s got chocolate chips.

“This is delicious,” I complimented.”

Kyle wraps his arm around my shoulder and steers us towards the oval.

“Are we hanging out this weekend or are you blowing me off for Blake?” He asks.

“Well.” Kyle grabs the cupcake from me.

“Hey, why’d you take it?” I frown.

“Because you don’t deserve it.” He shoves the remainder of the cupcake into his mouth, then smiles evilly.

“Don’t be like that, Kyle! If we organized something, then I would keep those plans,” I reply. “Blake was tired and so I offered to help him out.”

There’s something drawing me to him, and it’s not the fact he’s my long term crush. I can’t seem to pinpoint why.

“Fine, you’re right. I’m having a party soon, not sure about the dates, but can you promise to come?” he asks.

“Sure! And in the event I need to change my plans, I’d do it for you.” I grin.

“Thank you.” He softly smiles.

“Now, what is happening between you two? I’ve heard some of the rumours around here.” He frowns.

“Talk is cheap around here.” I shrug.

“I don’t like gossip, but my ears prick up when I hear your name.”

“At least I’m not the sad girl with the dead brother.” I roll my eyes.

“It can only hurt me if I put meaning behind the words so I don’t. So, don’t worry about me, Kylie boo, I’m happy.”

“Okay.” He nods.

“And by the way, you owe me a new cupcake.”

“Since I’m going to the canteen, I’ll grab you a muffin.”

“Thank you.” I cheer.

Kyle walks towards the canteen while I wander over to our usual spot on the oval. As I take a seat, I notice Blake walking in this direction.

“Hey,” he calls out. A part of me wants to scream a reply. However, I stay quiet and wait for Blake to reach me.

“What’s up?”

“I was just about to head home when I realized I don't have your phone number or address.” He chuckles.

“That would make things awkward for tomorrow,” I agree.

“I’ve written my phone number down, so you can message me your address,” he explains.

Blake holds the paper for me to take, but before I can grab it, he pulls the paper back.

“Although, you have to promise me one thing,” he says.

“Hm, and what is that?” I smile.

“You have to promise you won’t use this number to cancel our hangout.”

“I promise, I won’t do that.”

“Good.” He nods.

I take the note from his hand and slip it into the side pocket of my skirt.

If only Blake knew, I’d never cancel on him.
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