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A short story about Judy that tries to do big things but ends up doing small things.

         Judy, an 8 year old with long, blond hair and hazel eyes, loved doing all kinds of little things throughout her day, especially during the summer time when she had school off. Judy loves doing art, loves nature and playing with her friends. She does things around the house such as dusting for her parents too just for fun including making art work for her Mother.

"Mommy, I'm going to make some macaroni art for you. It's also going to have leaves from trees in it. Wildflowers will be in it for you too. Can I also have some beans to add to it?" asked Judy while smiling over at her Mother who was baking brownies in the kitchen.

"Yes Judy, I'll get them for you now, just wait for a second ok?" asked Melissa, Judy's Mother.

"Thanks Mom!" exclaimed Judy.

         Judy finally got the beans and added them to her collection of what she was going to create her art with. After she added the leaves and wildflowers she wondered about if she should add the beans or not to it. She thought that it was too much to add the beans and left them out.

"Mommy! I'm done! Look!" exclaimed Judy while holding up her art.

"That's wonderful Judy! I love it! Good job! I'll hang it up on the fridge!" exclaimed Melissa while she took Judy's newly created art from her.

"Mom, I'm going outside now to play," said Judy while grabbing a freshly baked homemade brownie on her way outside.

"I'm going to make a giant sandcastle!" Judy said to herself while sitting in her sandbox in the backyard.

         After a while, Judy gave up trying to make a giant sandcastle only because it wouldn't work right for her for some reason. She felt bad but she figured out how to make a smaller one anyway. She was happy with it and went back into the house to have her Mom see what she created.

"Mommy! Come see my sandcastle!" said Judy excitedly.

"Yes Judy. I love this! I love how you put your dolls in and around it! That's really impressive!" Melissa said merrily.

"Mom, do you need any help with anything in the house?" asked Judy.

"Yes, can you vacuum and dust the t.v. room for me please?" asked Melissa while gently patting Judy on the top of her head and smiling at her.

"Yes Mom! I'll do it right away for you!" said Judy happily.

         Judy started out with doing the dusting. She couldn't reach the top of the book shelves though. She told Melissa this and Melissa was fine and told her she'd do that for her. Then, Judy tried to vacuum but it was too big and heavy for her to use. Judy apologized to her Mother and she smiled at Judy, told her that it was alright, she'll do it for her and thanked her anyway for trying.

         Judy continued to spend her days like this all summer long. She also played with her friends too and created art with them and made sandcastles together. There were big things that Judy and her friends wanted to try doing but they were unable to for whatever reason, so they done whatever small thing they could do instead.

~ The End ~

"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way." Napoleon Hill
Word Count: 562
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