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What should our name be?
Jack Hudson looked out the window. His brother should be coming any minute now. It was a rainy afternoon.

Jack called his brother on his cell. He wasn't surprised the call went to voicemail so he left a message inquiring "Where are you? The other bandmates are going to be here within five minutes" Jack hung up the phone fustrated.

The doorbell rang a few seconds later. Lisa Tomahawk was at the front door.

When Jack opened the front door, Lisa stated, "Your sister got stuck behind a red light so she'll be here soon"

"That's good, no word on my brother though" replied Jack after letting Lisa in.

"He didn't tell me anything either"

At that moment, another car pulled in. It was Jack's sister Abby.

When Abby got inside she immediately hugged both Lisa and Jack.

Lisa said to Abby, "I can't believe you and my boyfriend got me to say yes to being in a band with Patrick"

Abby responded quickly by saying, "I don't want to be the only girl in the band"

Jack said, "He hasn't even called saying he was on his way yet"

Lisa replied, "If he's leaving now, he won't be here for another thirty minutes"

"Wow" exclaimed Abby.

"That's a long time to be waiting" complained Lisa looking around the room.

"I'll at least be with my girlfriend" said Jack.

"And my best friend" added Abby.

"He's going to miss most of the talking" stated Jack.

"Yeah" replied Abby.

"Why are we all still by the door? Isn't it more comfortable..." asked Jack

"Yes" interjected Abby.

"Rude, you didn't let Jack finish" replied Lisa.

Abby gave Lisa a playful wack on the should before locking the door and heading upstairs. They all sat down on the couches. Lisa sat with Jack on one couch and Abby sat alone on another.

"Your right this is more comfortable" confirmed Abby

"You weren't here for two years you know" replied Lisa.

Abby got up to give Lisa another friendly punch when they heard a car pull in. Abby rushed downstairs to unlock the door as Jack moved to the top of the staircase. Lisa stayed on the couch.

Patrick after having just pulled up entered the house to have Abby put her arms around him.

Jack said at the top of the stairs, "Nice to see you"

After pulling back, Abby told Patrick, "Let's go upstairs and discuss the name of our band"

The two headed upstairs as Jack sat back down with Lisa.

After everyone was sitting on one of the two couches, Patrick made his suggestion for the band name, "Patrick's Band of Misfits"

Lisa immediately responded by saying, "You are always so arrogant"

Abby remarked, "How about we name our band The Rude Angels?"

Lisa started to get up before being pulled down by Jack.

"Guys we need to focus on getting a name not insulting each other" announced Jack.

"How about Angel's Band of Misfit?" asked Lisa before adding, "It uses both of your name"

Patrick asked, "What about the boys?"

"Angels can be boys" replied Abby.

"How about Angels and Demon's Band of Misfits" suggested Jack.

"That doesn't flow at all" complained Patrick.

"Angels Demons and Misfits"

"I'm a misfit?" questioned Patrick.

"I like the name" said Lisa before Jack could answer.

"Me too" said Abby

"Then it's confirmed to be our new name" confirmed Jack.

"So nobody is going to answer my question?" asked Patrick.

"What question?" replied Lisa pretending to froget.

"Nevermind" said Patrick dismissing his question.

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