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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Adult · #2194652
What hapoens when the school Heartthrob in School possesed great powers.
Kennan is a school Hearthrob and a Homecoming King in their School. He was 18 years old and all other Girls wanted to be near him just to watched his Superman Features. He was not the Hunk type but his body was ideal for his age. He have washboard abs and a curved arms enough to show Biceps when he curls up. Above that. He have the Beautiful Eyes and white tan skin. One Night, a strange object fell from the earth and goes to his Backyard. Every one in town didn't bother to looked for except Kennan. And something just happened there that only Kennan can Understand.

2 years later The present..... In the New York Town Square

Ann and Kennan went out for their Graduation Celebration. They were long lovers back then. Kennan was no longer the School Heartthrob but he is now a Model for the Vogue Magazine. He was featured as the world's most handsome faces. Aside from that he had the most highest IQ of all time. In his town, something has changed him in 2 years. Even his bulk and height edged a little. He was taller than ever. While walking in the Time Square after eating in a Restaurant. Ann and Kennan enters a shortcut Street to their Hotel room. Accidentaly there are groups of gang waiting in the way smoking weed. They were drunk. Ann and Kennan stopped for a little and walked silently. Just by then, A man Grabs something in his Pocket and blocked them in their way. 'Stop or I' ll stab you're girlfriend Man! '. Kennan and Ann obeys but Ann was silent and frightened. Only Kennan made a relaxed face looking at the Man holding the knife. Then Kennan said' Leave us alone man or you'll regret this'. After Kennan uttered those words. The man grabs Ann in the Arms. And that's when Kennan did something. Kennan Grabs the Man in the Throat and the Man stabbed Kennan. But something strange is Happening. The Knife got twisted as if it was stabbed into something Metal. Ann witnessed what Kennan was doing. When Kennab grabs the Man in the Throat. He was held High above ground and Kennan gives a smile and asked ' Is This what you wanted? Huh?. You didn' t even know what more could I do. You want me to show you? '. Ann was frightened but not by the man but to Kennan. A Moment later, Ann Felt the Ground is shaking. And Thunders is rumbling. That' s when she sees it. Kennan's Body seems to get taller and tries to expand slowly while he was holding the in the throat. Then Kennan said 'Ann why don' t you go tour Hotel room First and If you liked stay in the Balcony. Annd said 'No! I won' t leave you here'
'Oh come on Babe. I can' t risk you near Me when I'm doing this'
'JUST GO ANN!'. Then Kennan's Voice was loud as ever. The rumbling of the clouds synchronized to him.
Ann runs and then stopped to turn to watch Kennan.

What she saw was something Frightening. Kennan was no longer Kennan. But his smile looks like satisfaction. He closed his eyes and feels something. Ann can see the veins in Kennan's Throat uo to her Head. That was when the Ground Shook. The Man in his Hand pretended not to be scared and kicks Kennan's Body. But every time he Kicks he can feel that he is far away from his Body and Kennan's grip was tighter. Kennan opens his eyes and utters ' Are you ready Man?. You' ll be the first Man who will witnessed me and my unending Capabilities. But for a Moment the whole New York will know. After Kennan uttered those. Another Man comes and tried to hit Kennan at the Back Neck. But he didn't Budge. Kennan turned his head and watched the Man. The Man just keeps on Punching him but Kennan never moves. Ann was still staring at what is hapening. And then he noticed Kennan shot a Foot Taller. His Fist who is holding the Man was now longer in his throat but also in the Man's Sholder jus like holding a Beer. While Ground Keep on shaking. Kennan Keeps on growing from his 6'4 height he begins 7 ft. Then 10 Feet in just a second. His Sweater is cannot contain his stature anymore and began to stretch. The man in his Fist is still Hanging and No longer Kicking. While Kennan is is staring the Man. He Shot up and gained more height as ever. He was 20 ft then in just a minute he was 25 ft. His head were at the same level as the 2nd floor Building. The man behind Kennan stopped punching realizing it was not his Body but his Legs. The Pants and Sweater that Kennan was wearing ripped ofd and left him with his Undies. Then Just when The Ground suddenly halt to a stop. Kennan stopped and everything was quiet. People are coming off their Building. Thinking like it was an Earthquake. Ann was still standing. And then Kennan startex to walk a little coming out of the 2 Buildings. The Small shortcut now looked like a Small dood to Kennan. While he was holding his doll. The Man was Shocked and went silent. Kennan Noticed Ann was still in the Ground. He was now looking at Ann. With a rumbling Voice he said. 'Ann what did I told you About?'
'You' re so Tall Kennan'. with a frightening Voice.
'Stop it Ann. This was justa Warm Up. NOW GO TO OUR ROOM!. OR IF YOU DON' T WANT TO GER CRUSHED!.
Ann was scared and went silent then said.' You' re not Kennan anynore!. You're a Monster! Leave that Man in your fist and stop! '
Kennan then Replied' WHAT? STOPPED? I'LL JUST STOP WHEN I FINISHED THIS'.... you don't know how this feels like.'.... NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM!'...
Ann shouted with all his strength. 'NO!'.....
Then Kennan said. 'OKAY THEN STAY THERE!'
Just after that Kennan then closed his eyes and get his other hand into a fist just like he was weightlifting an invisible thing. The Naked Man was now Grabbing some Energy and then his 25 ft form was still expanding and growing. He went to 40ft then 50ft. He's haid was no level with the next Building beside him. He looked around then noticed that the Man he was holding in his throat was now fully covered with his fist. Only his head we're outside. He tried to not get the hold tighter or he will lose the excitement earlier. He then smilex and looked at the Other Building where Ann and him Checked In. It was 10 feet taller that's when he shot up to 70 feet. His Chin was now leveld with the roof top. He looked down and lookex at Ann in the Ground. 'ARE YOU SURE YOU WANTED TO STAY THERE?'. Then Kennan Looked at the Frigtened man in his Fist. Then Opened his Palm. The Man was in sitting possition in the Middle. Kennan asked 'ARE YOU FEELING WELL MR....?.'. The Man went Silent. 'Kennan then asked again with all authority' WHAT WAS YOUR NAME? '...

' I amm. I ... am Eric'

'No ss. sir. Plssss I' m begging you! '. Pls sir!. I' m sorry to what I've done'.


Kennan then closed his eyes but now he was not growing. In his Feet. A strong Air bust Ann and throws him in the Hotel Door. Then she stands and watched as the air was getting stronger coming from his Boyfriends Feet. Like Rocker ready to launch. Then from his Ooint of View The feet was floating. Up there Kennan Was realy Floating and Getting Higher. He lifts himself Up Then Up. Now all New York was now staring at this New Powerful Species. An Anomaly. Kennan was focusing his Eyes in the Man in his open Palm. Kennan Said. 'HOW ABOUT THIS HUH?.. Still don' t liked it?.

The man didn't Answer


The Man in Kennan's Palm felt something. The Palm he was sitting was Expanding as Ever. It keeps on Growing. He then looked Upward and Saw the eyes of Kennan... Was nof Glowing like the 2 Sun. And his Smile. His Shoulders were like Mountain. He can' t see the Sky anymore just a Flash of Light and the Growth still didn't Stop. In the Ground. Ann went out then niticed the 12 ft. deep foot Crater from the pressure of Kennan's feet... Then She Looked upward. And she saw what his boyfriend have become. He was still growinv and Floating above. His feet were reaching the Ground but he keeps on Floating. Whil his Palm was Open. 'Oh no! The Man was still there. What she witnessed was not Kennan anymore but A Greek Mythology Character. He was still Kennan based on features. He hast the same proportions only BIGGER and his Eyes were Glowing. Then she Noticed that Kennan was looming at something far away. Kennan was actually looking at the Chrysled Building. He got a Better Idea. He floats then reached for the Building. The Man was saw Kennan's Palm like some sort of a Parking Lot. Then Kennan said ' ARE YOU HAPPY NOW ERIC?. CAUSE I' M GONNA TELL YOU HONESTLY. THIS WAS NOT THE FIRST TIME I DID. THIS. I FLEW THROUGHT THE PACIFIC OCEAN JUST TO TEST MY LIMITS AND YOU JUST CAN'T IMAGINE HOW TALL I COULD REACH. THAT WAS JUST LAST YEAR. AND EVERYDAY I LEARNED A LOF OF THINGS. I DISCOVERED MORE POWERS NO ANY OTHER MAN CAN THINK OF. WHAT YOU'VE SEEN WAS NOT JUST THE END OF IT. I CAN FEEL THIS IS JUST 1/10 OF MY HEIGHT. NOWWW...CHOOSE. TO LIVE OR TO WITNESSED MY FULL UNENDING WRATH?....

Then Eric answered. 'Just finish me sir! I won' t ever touch your girlfriend ever'.


Then Eric just feels like he was floaring and he was drawn neer the top of Chrysler Building. Then he saw the Top View. Which was the Head of Kennan and his handsome features. Then with a Stike of Lightning Kennan said. 'BTW. I' m Kennan'... And he was gone... Back to the Hotel where Ann was still looking Up and finding Where Kennan is.

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