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He's now a Weapon
It was my time to show Ann how big I can get. He didn't witnessed me Crushing a Planet. Maybe the Best thing I can show him is How Big I can get. When I reached 20000 km, I needed to break the Record. I saw a Tiny Bubble In front of me. They were like Atoms. Thanks too my heightened senses I can magnify them. I felt power surging me. Veins are tight and my heart beats Faster. My Tight Spandex can't take it anymore. I ended its growth only my Body was now growing. The Spandex Broke explosing my Chest and Bulge. I grow and pushed myself further. I was now 40000 km. Half the size of Jupiter. That's when I flew them to Jupiter. I stand beside Jupiter. Then I saw their shocked faces. My eyes were still growing and I pushed myself further I doubled my size once again.And tried to hear what they are saying.

"Oh no.... What is hhee doing. This is Impossible."
"He's strong. And Built. He's frightening".
"He's huge and still growing. When will he stop?"

"Yeah? Is that what you thought? Then Watch thiss. As I pushed my self, I was now Floating Head to Pole, Toe to Poe with the biggest Planet in the Entire Solar System. I need to show them some more. I know I am still Limitless and could grow more. This is the only way they'll be cinvinced to stop us. Standing 88,000 Miles. I tried to Lessen the light from my eyes and watched them and heared their thoughts

"Mr. Gaslow what is he doing?"
"He's so Huge. I want to touch that Planet Skin. I think he almost have his own Atmosphere in that thick skin. He's like Atlas."
"I don't know but it seems hes, not yet finished."

That's when I saw it. The Moons of Jupiter. I noticed the Moon Titan. He was namex after the Tallest Myth in tge Earth and now I am no Longer Titan. The Titan in front of me was just a Marble to my Palm. I held it like a Toy then I tried to get it into my Mouth.

"Is he eating a Moon?"

Now I'm happy they got what I'm doing. And then I finally throw the moon in my Mouth. I tried to chew it. I expected some Bitter tase. But there was no any. Instead it taste good. It was like drugs. Then I felt More power within me. I can still Grow. And with all my strength. I pushed to what I thinks is my Limit I opened my Eyes. And then I saw a Light in My Feet. It was the Sun. The entire Solar System Was now in my feet. I can no longer see the Bubble where I left them But I can still feel them. And then with my curuousity, I flew Away. And that's when I saw it. The Entire Galaxy. And I decided it was time to stop it. I returned to earth with the Bubble

When we returned, Something was different. I can hardly shrink myself this time. I bet my Normal Rate was now 300 ft. So I returned and saw everything was small. I felf this Planet is not my Home Anymore. I am now Inevitable. I feel like I can make things Possibke just with my Thoufht. I'm too powerful. I'm looking for Ann. but I was frightened at was I saw. Blood was running down her legs.And she was pale. Collapsed

'The Baby'

Then the Doctor said... She was No longer Alive. I tried to askwd the Doctor What happend. He told me Ann was shocked after I ate the entire Moon. Ann died because she was scared of me. And the Baby was no longer there anymore. I can feel no life in her tummy this time. It was all my Fault

But my heart didn't soften anymore. Instead of Crying, I felt something strong. Anger. No. This is not my Fault, It was this stupid experiment. Now I have nothing more to lose. I need to do what ever I must do. And with my 300 ft height. I shouted. And all wavez Crashed. Earthquake travellex around the World. Thunder came from the sky. I created all of them. I made them happen with just a ROAR. And now there was no little I could do. I need to end this World. But no. I need to keep things Alive. But I will give this world a Rampage!
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