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Greg doesn't fall in love with Rose and instead gets a job at the big donut. It ends in wg
Sometime after marty left, Greg decided to look for a job, he began going from each and every shop he saw, looking door to door seeing if anyone needed a spare hand.
Making his way across the boardwalk, he spots a woman putting up a "help wanted" sign on the front of a store, he begins to run at full speed towards her to ask her about the job. However due to the lack breath, he mutters, "j-job?.."
The woman looks across at him and begins to chuckle, "that eager"?.. You must really want to work here then? "
Greg nods his head in agreement, and he is pulled into the back room to get changed, the woman waits patiently outside the room, Greg takes of his shirt, revealing a small pudge at the bottom of his stomach, he shrugs it off and puts on the shirt the woman gave to him. He told her what size he was, but the shirt was tight around his belly. He checks the size, and sure enough, it was the size he told her. He thinks it would be to akward to ask her for the next size up and thus opens the door, allowing her to show him a tape.
After watching the tape he walks into the shop front and waits for customers. One or two people stop by, but it seems business was slow that day.
The woman gets out of her chair and asks Greg to watch the shop while she's out. Greg agrees joyfully and points her a thumbs up as she walks through the door.
After she's gone Greg walks into the backroom and turns on the light, he begins to explore the rooms item's he sees; a small table, on it a box of "fresh donuts", next to it a crate of drinks, ready to be stored in the fridge, and a coffee dispenser, with a note attached stating "ready to be installed". Greg peeks around the doors entrance looking for the woman and shuts the door behind him.
Looking through the boxes he sees a new donut "the fusion" he begins grabbing them and placing them onto the table, looking at each ones unique design. The desire to each them overwhelmed him, he begins shoveling them into his mouth, lifting the shirt as he raised his arms.
Suddenly he hears a bell ring from the front of the store. Realising what he had done, he quickly placed everything back where it was running out and stepping behind the counter, he looks up to see a young brunette guy walk into the shop.
Greg releases a sigh of relief, and swiftly asks the man what he would like.
The man takes a minute to respond and asks for 3 dozen donuts. Greg was mildly confused, but obliged as he may be having a party.
Greg returns with the donuts, and asks the man what he was going to do with all them. The man responded with, "well, what would you do with 3 dozen donuts?"
Greg challengly ask him "eat them?" the man replied by saying "well, then we should see who can eat the most, won't we" Greg didn't expect this to happen but he would gladly take the opportunity to eat more donuts.
The man paid for another 3 dozen and they both went to the backroom to begin their challenge
Greg begins swallowing the donuts, occasionally taking swigs of his cola to wash it down, the man wasnt a good as Greg and was quite slow in comparison to Greg.
The man peers over and notices Greg shirt has rolled up more than when he first walked in, the man stared in awe as Greg ate, once Greg was down to his last donut his shirt had rolled up just above his belly button...
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