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Basis Of Finding Someone, Sickness From Avira?
Palmer, Is Something Ive Defined Never Ultra Lightning Caused By Winter Cold Uprising Holding Lightning Frozen An Explosion "Ice Streams" Gallowing Effect Noahs Rhyme Schemes Broken Torso From Composed Excitment Death Row Solar Lightning Ghosted Lightning Searching For Headlights But Then Again The Mind Thinks Friends In High Places Corrosive Guides Anghellic Xion My Placement Jokers Wild SnowFrost Atlantis Belief Canvas "Going Bananas" Campgrounds Preying Mantis An Example Of Kings An Example Fallen Angels With Laughter At Freeze CHampion Wings For Myself These Bastards Are Weak Clashing "All hated On" But The Mash Up Of Meek Slashed Up Meat "Grey Anatomy" Haze Of Agony No Need For Pain To Be Shown Clash Of The Dreams "Blaze Of There Agony" Complex Strategy "Ive Met the Fragile In Dreams" -Memory- Stop Acting Matty Your Dragging Your Feet Avalanches Rafts In A Creek Thats Comanche For The Graphic Design Mastering Seek By Answering Machine This Tragedys Mohogany "Batterys They Bleed" Grasses "Phantom Of The Opera Operation "Handing Me A Mask" And Grasping That Lies Are Actually A Speech "Cut Hit" Ill Revolve BurntFrost And Collapse My Fucken Knee, Yelling "Fuck This" Astral Projecting King At High Acceleration Atmost Extreme My Thigh Rotative By Cracked Bone X Ray Vision "Dragged Home By Incestual Roman Hatred" Thats Cold, AssHoles I Was Only Quoting What Grace Is "Clapped Zone" And My Soul Is Stone And Snake Bit "Astrally Actually" No One Knows The Ghost Is Frigid No Knows The Broken Leg Open Sky Frozen Shutters Im Known As The Most Creative Under Control From Flow Of Basic Under Control Could Glow A Hundred Faces Low From Exposure To PhotoGraphs Im HOME, With All ArchAngels. Are GraveYards Nayrs TradeMark. Archangels, Bones In GraveYards Faces Think Smart "Is Amoan The Same Art?" Amazing. Alone In The Same Dark, Hazy, Blown Apart Stray Stars "Explosions From Way Far In Spaces" Oceans Are Made Apart Biblical Ages, Roses Natures Heart, Are Different Language...Angels. Avirex!
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