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Opening eyes to cheating in men and how cheating makes life fall apart.
In life things change -
Tables eventually turn.
Emotions spark up
And frienships burn up
As relationships break down
As chains would rust,
But secrets break apart
Bonds rooted in trust.

It was a fire raging rampant;
Fixed only on causing trouble,
Not resting till it was triumphant;
Hoping to burst his social bubble.
In the room, it was the elephant.
Fire warming, also burning: working double...

Day in day out it reinforced his grind:
It was what kept him alive,
But to its motives he was blind,
His secret crush: 'Reason to why he thrived'

His life would cave in
If his wife found out.
His life was filled with sin,
Only that's not what it was about.

He said he loved her:
He had lied!
Vowed to protect his family:
At least he'd tried!
His secret affair:
No longer could he hide,
But he vowed to keep it secret:
Oh well at least he had tried!

She had promised they'd never be caught,
But fate and destiny felt otherwise.
He left his wife broken and distraught,
As he played a hand in his own demise.

There's no use holding on to plastic dreams
In a world where all isn't as it seems
His anachronistic fear of letting go.
Was the key to his downfall.

Some say a setback is a setup for a comeback,
Or that the darkest hour is before dawn,
But all this was setting up was a look back,
On why to only the dangerous ones he'd be drawn.

Friends come and go
Like waves hitting the shore.
Another begins where one ends,
Truth of life:
Don't trust all friends.
This man may be long gone,
But the truth and secret live on...
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