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I don't really fit into just one category. No one does.
Remember that game?
The icebreaker?
The one where you sum yourself up into one word.
that one.

I can't describe myself in just one word.
But that's the rule, isn't it?
To find one word that suits you perfectly.
Just like life.
Who are you, based on one thing you like or have?

If I HAD to choose, I would say....

Because it bends and breaks and follows the rules all at once.
It is one word, yet so many.
On syllable, but also an idea, and a truth.
It is beautiful and ulgy, happy and sad, faults and strengths all
Rolled into one package,
Marked: FRAGILE.

Every word has a synonym, and an antonym.
Me is the same as I, myself, and Everything I Am.
Me is different than any word I could possibly use to describe you,
Because I and You are so different that even the sounds of the words contradict each other.
Infact, You and Me and Them and Us fit perfectly together into a
Puzzle that's only missing a few pieces.

Because I'm Me, and You're You, and all of us together are a possible combination of Us. Because with just one more him
Or her, Us changes entirely,
and not just by numbers.

I've counted all the words to describe myself and stacked them on top of each other
Until I reached the moon and back.
That distance inside is all, how could there possibly be ONE WORD that
Could reach that far?

Because I'm Me, and You're You.

And Me is the only word small enough to reach that far, and hold both Love and Hate in one hand and
Absolutely nothing in the other.

So I wouldn't say I'm the:
Quiet one,
the Loud one,
Smart one,
Dumb one,
Nice one,
Mean one,
the Lonely one,
or the Friendly one
Because we are all all of those and

You, for all instances and purposes, are you. And i,
Am anything but You,
And nothing,
If not
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