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An open letter to Love
Before I learned about you and trusted you, I was happy, I was content and then I started feeling you, realizing that even though you are a part of life, I wish I never met you. You creep in peoples lives when they don’t ask for it, you are part of the most unwelcome yet you are there. Some people need you to feel complete, some people don’t care about you and some wish they never met you.

You come in and turn peoples lives around, you are the most destructive thing and you don’t even realize it or you just don’t care enough to leave people alone. Do you not care that you turn peoples lives upside down or is it something you get a thrill from? Do you enjoy hurting people and causing unbearable pain, do you enjoy watching people change who they are and what they believe. What is your purpose actually?

In the beginning you are the coolest thing, a precious gem that we think we cant live without and that we need and then you pull the rug right out from underneath us, then the dark side of you shows, and this is where I think you start enjoying your job or task. I have admired you for a while and even though you have showed me darkness from time to time, I gave you chance after chance, thinking maybe it its me and not you but I have since come to realize that it wasn’t me and infact was you the entire time and since then I have prayed and I wished I have never met you.

You are a lesson I never wanted to learn, a subject I never wanted to take, a bridge I never wanted to cross, but considering you are so persuasive, I indulged in you and that was the mistake I made, I gave into you. I allowed you to take control, I allowed you to change the way I think or see things and again that’s on me, I cant blame you for the stupid mistakes you allowed me to make. One thing is for sure though, I wish I never met you. Even though I have seen your work first hand and upfront, I still gave you a chance, I mean even after I seen you tear families apart, you ending friendships and relationships, I still gave you time of day but one thing is for sure now, I wish I never met you.

So many people can be happy without you meddling in their minds, their hearts, their actions, so please leave those people alone. You have caused so many destructive things to happen, so many people lost so much because of you and you don’t care, you don’t like the idea that people could be happy and content without you. Yes, I will be the first to admit, you are seriously a force to be reckoned with but eventually you will loose the hold you have over people, that crown you hold so dear, so precious and so close to you will be taken from you and crushed as you did with many of us. So prepare yourself, because you reign will not last forever.

But now that I had the unfortunate thing of meeting you, LOVE, I wish I would forget you.
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