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A giant mushroom is magical in a secret forest, but why?

         Once upon a time, there existed a mysterious, giant mushroom. It was all colors of the rainbow. It stood at least thirty feet tall and its cap was at least thirty feet wide. Children came from all over the place just to see this mysterious rainbow mushroom. They all kept it secret from their parents so they wouldn't want to destroy it.

"Samantha, let's go see the magical rainbow mushroom today," suggested Sally her friend.

"Yes, sounds wonderful Sally. Let's go get John my brother too. I'm going to take my cell phone to take more photos of it," said Samantha Sally's friend.

         Samantha and Sally went to get John. Then they went to get Jake John's friend too. The four of them told their parents where they were going and their parents told them it was alright. All of them brought their cell phones to take photos of the giant rainbow colored mushroom too.

"Jake, I can hardly wait to see the giant rainbow mushroom again. I'm working on a story for my English class based on it for Wednesday. This is so exciting!" exclaimed John.

"I can hardly wait to see it too! I bet your story will be great John. I want to read it when it's done," said Jake.

         Meanwhile, the children finally arrived at the place where the giant rainbow mushroom's at. For some odd reason, it wasn't there! The children were confused!

"Where's the rainbow mushroom Sally?" asked Samantha confused while continuing to look around for it.

"I don't know! How strange Samantha! I'm looking for it too!" exclaimed Sally also confused.

         All of the sudden, colors began to form in the area that giant mushroom's suppose to be at. All of the colors of the rainbow started to slowly appear, one by one. Finally, the giant mushroom appeared!

"Look! There it is! There it is!" said John excitedly.

         Now everyone was happy and took out their cell phones to take photos of it. John took tons of photos for his story. All of the children walked all around it, gazing up at all of the flashing colors. For some odd reason, a small door opened up at the base of the mushroom. A small, light, peach colored being with large black eyes came out of it. He stood right in front of the mushroom. He just stood there staring at all of the children. He then waved for them to come into the mushroom with him and all of them followed him into it.

"Wait a minute! This isn't a rainbow mushroom! This is a giant spaceship! This will make a great story for sure!" exclaimed John merrily.

"Yes! I can hardly wait to read your story now John!" exclaimed Jake.

"This place is so neat!" said Sally.

"Yes it is! It's all metal inside, but it's a little cold in here though. Oh well." said Samantha.

         Suddenly, the being they seen at first appeared a few feet in front of them again. He waved them to come with him. Everyone followed him into a large, metallic colored room with nothing in it. He disappeared somewhere in the room and the children were left standing in the middle of the room together.

"What's going on John?" asked Jake confused.

"I don't know Jake. Let's watch and find out I guess," said John to Jake.

"Wow, look over there! It's an amusement park. Look at the kids! Wait a minute, they're more aliens, not kids!" exclaimed Sally.

"Yes! An amusement park. Those are more aliens. Let's go on the rollercoaster," suggested Samantha to Sally.

         All of the kids went to the rollercoaster. While they were riding, an alien sat right next to them on their right side instead of their friend. The alien didn't do anything such as scream or react to being on the ride. The kids thought that their behavior was unusual.

         Suddenly, the rollercoaster went over a steep hill and everyone including the aliens were flying in the air above the entire amusement park. Everyone was surprised about this and were a little afraid at first but then liked it. John and Jake were particularly excited.

"Wow! Is this going to make a great story!" exclaimed John.

"Yes, it certainly will John!" said Jake excitedly.

         While everyone was slowly flying over the amusement park, everyone noticed that there were aliens everywhere. There were some on rides but most of them looked as though they were busy working on something. There were plants, insects and animals they seemed to be busy dealing with.

"Look Sally. The alien has a dog. He looks like he's feeding him," Samantha said to Sally.

"And that one's watering a whole bunch of plants," said Sally said to Samantha.

         When the children were done with the ride and they all landed back on the ground, everything except the aliens disappeared. All of the aliens were still working on plants, insects and animals. They stopped what they were doing and stared intently at the children, staring back at all of them. None of them said anything to the children, but the main one waved for them to leave the room and come with him back outside.

         When the children got back outside, they noticed that many hours passed and the sun was setting in the distance. The rainbow mushroom (which was really a giant spaceship) completely disappeared again. The only thing that remained was a soft, pulsating humming sound. The children could touch the area and feel where the spaceship was though.

         When the children got back to their own home, all of them had to eat supper. Their parents all wondered how they were gone so long and said that they really must love that forest that they go to play at. They were worried but the children told them that they were fine and they had a lot of fun while they were there.

         When John went to school, the English teacher called him up to the front to read his story to the class first. John was excited! After John read his story, everyone was highly impressed! When he turned in his story, he got an A+. The teacher even called John's parents and told them about his story and how impressed she was about what he wrote.

         The children spent every day during their summer they had off from school in the forest. The alien kept taking them into that one room but what the children seen was always different. The only thing in it that wasn't different though was that they kept seeing the aliens busy working on something. The children and aliens kept enjoying their visits with each other and they all lived happily ever after.

~ The End! ~

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