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A young girl has worked as a nanny for the past three years, but one day it changes.
She didn't really want to go even though she needed the money. It was becoming embarrassing to live at home while others were out living their lives. The Franker family just wasn't her cup of tea, especially not the shallow prima donna of a mother. As she approached the house closer and closer, her throat began to tangle. The taste of scrambled eggs in the mouth. After a couple of breathings, she pressed the squared spot white doorbell and shortly after the sound of 15 cm heels was hear through the door. "Oh, there you are. Well, come in." said the blonde-haired mother. Her discolored sneakers looked misplaced on the marble floor. "We will be home by 11, probably later. She is in her room. Goodbye.", the high heels and the bodycon latex dress went passed her, followed by an absent-minded husband in a Gucci suit. She then walked between all of the designer furniture and all the family pictures with huge painful smiles, while she hoped to remember which room was the rights one. She grabbed the first door handle and at the same moment as she pushed the door, it was pulled from the other side. A pair of blue eyes looked down on her from a defined sunburnt face. "You must be the nanny. I'm the older brother." He said with a sweet tone in his voice while he moved closer to her. "Uhm... yes, yes that is me. I was just looking for Mille." She quickly removed her sticky hands from the door and looked down. "Let me find her for you. Come with me."
Together, they walk down the white hallway with the giant windows to a pink painted door with princesses all over it. Just as he opened the door, a high-pitched shrill voice was heard. "Is she here?! Hi! Come, now we are going to play princes and princesses!" immediately a little child hand took hold of the nanny and dragged her into a huge playroom filled with barbies and teddy-bears. The big brother stood in the doorway and looked with a smile on his face. She had to sit in an uncomfortable way on the floor in order to sit by the lavish dollhouse. Mille without delay started to talk about all her new dolls while she with her nose in the sky proclaimed that they all were given to her last Christmas. The nanny looks with raised eyebrows at the sunburnt big brother who was still watching. "Can I join in, Mille?" It sounded with a deep voice from the doorway. "That's new, as long as you just listen, and don't run off as always." The brother sat down on the other side of the dollhouse and with relaxed shoulders, he listened to the intense stream of words coming from the little girl.
As the sun moved closer to the horizon and the child's voice became smaller and weaker, the nanny kept looking from the child to the brother. Finally, she said, "I think it's time for bed, Mille" and without no further word, the nanny guided the talking little girl to bed. The child's eyes closed to a lullaby coming from the nanny. When finally, the girl was absented in her dreams and her arms didn't strangle the teddy bear, the nanny looked around the empty room with a deep breathe. She walked into the living room where the brother sat with two glasses of wine at a glass table. With a cautious movement, she sat down in front of him, fumbling with a thread from her shirt. "You're great with kids. I didn't know she could talk that much." He said. "Yeah, you learn few things after being a nanny for 3 years." She answered with an absent-minded look and a burning in her cheeks, but that warmth was due to more than one thing. "I haven't seen you around the house before." She carefully asked. "No, I'm a sailor so quality time with family is a rare occasion." He looked out the enormous windows and she noticed a twitch in his jaw when he spoke. When he turned is face towards and their eyes met, a silence filled the room. "It's slightly warm outside." He mentioned with a nod towards the patio door. Her legs shook when she lifted herself from the chair and with an indecisive movement in her hand, at last she offered her hand to him as a replacement for her words. Like a hundred pins in the skin, a tension connected them when he took her hand.
The mild summer breeze welcomed them on the patio, and they sat down on a large black garden couch. Rosa light shuns on their faces and she felt the pins spreading to her feet. They watched a small humming-bird jump across the patio. He then smoothly turned her face towards him and they both looked into each other's darkness. He moved closer and a sense of roses filled her body. He moved even closer and the pins spread to her face. He moved again but was met by her rouge lips. A feeling of euphoria and limitless overwhelmed her. She saw nothing but sparks and humming-birds, in a world away from the house with giant windows. Flurried did hands move around with no compass. Slowly clothes were no longer a barrier. The feeling of being alive.
Suddenly, the sound of a low-lying car with a huge engine tore away their world. Before the door was even open, she sat back the real world avoiding his glance but still with a tenderness in her body. By moving quick-witted out of her reach, a cold wince drew over his face. The loud sound of high heels filled the house and shortly after the mother made an entrance on the patio. "Well, here you are! Enjoying the view, I see. Not something you see every day, huh, son?" The brother left with locked eyes to the ground but before he went in the house he gazed back at the nanny. They saw the darkness again. "Thanks for your help, here is your money. I guess I'll be seeing you next Saturday?" The mom was checking her phone. "No, sure but I'm moving away from the town." The nanny kept admiring the sunset and ignored the raised eyebrows coming from the mother. The mother broke the awkward silence. "oh, I didn't know. Well, where are you going?" The nanny answered with a face lit-up by the red sunbeams. "I have no idea, but I'm going."

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