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He must search for something to bring back to Mother .

Mother woke me at 4 in the morning to go to the bus stop .
It was storming outside and I didn't want to go.
I walked straight across the park and hid behind a tree like always. There was nobody there . I sat down on the bench under the shelter and wiped my face . Mother would be sad. That's when I saw it. Some man had lost his wallet . It was lying under the bench .
I picked it up and hugged it to my chest. I was so happy. I opened it up but there was no identification,just money. I couldn't count it but I knew it was a lot. There was also a key down inside one of the credit card slots. I stuffed it all in my left pocket because my right side always has to be for the gun. I was about to stand up when a big man came out of the shadows and stood over me.
I put my hand on my gun and looked up to see a very dark beard and a black felt hat. I was so scared . He said,"I lost my wallet . I think it was here because I didn't have it when I got off the bus." I just looked at him and he said,"Did you find it?" I shook my head no and held onto the gun. He stood there in the pouring rain and then just turned around and walked away. I think he saw the bulge of the gun or he would have done something to me.
I stood up and thought of the key. What was it for? I decided to follow him and find out. It was very dark and only lightning flashes showed me where he was up ahead. It was a long walk but finally he turned into a storage place . It was the kind where you pay to leave your boat or travel trailer. He went to the back and unlocked a junky old trailer and went inside. I looked around for a place to hide so I could wait for him to leave again. I found an open RV and fell asleep on an old couch. When I woke up I sat by a window and kept watch.
I was afraid I missed him but soon he opened the door and came outside. It was still raining and overcast but it was daylight. When he left I went and tried the key. It fit! I went inside and it was horrible. It smelled so bad and there were huge jars with animals floating inside. I was shaking with fear by now but then I heard a baby crying. I sneaked back down the narrow hallway into the bedroom. There was a tiny baby back there on a dirty bed. It was naked . I saw the empty jar on the night table and I knew I had to save that baby. I wrapped him up in the dirty sheet and held him tight . I don't remember how I got home but it was still raining when I knocked on the door.
Mother opened the door and got a huge smile on her face like I never saw in years. She took the baby and put him in the sink. She sang him a song while she bathed him in nice warm soapy water. "He is perfect," she told me ,"Oh how I wish I had the money to get him a bottle and milk and little baby clothes and toys and everything," she said. That's when I thought of the wallet. "I have lots of money Mother. We can buy him anything he needs." I held out the wad of bills and her eyes got so big I had to laugh. "Go,go,go " she said,"Go to the store and get him all the things a baby needs." I ran off to the big store and when I came back she dressed him in a one piece bunny suit with a fluffy tail. She put him in brother's old crib and she turned around and said,"You don't have to go out to the bus stop ever again."

The End
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