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Written for the 48-HOUR CHALLENGE: Media Prompt
False face, facing falsely.
Seeing only what you want to see.
Being false, falsely being.
You don't want to see the truth of me.

Open eyes, eyes open.
Checking out what's behind the lid.
Seeing true, truly seeing.
Seeing all except what's been hid.

Knowing all, all-knowing.
The answers do not seem to ring.
Hiding all, all hidden.
Knowing that you don't see a thing.

Darkly light, lightly dark.
Looking deep into outer darkness.
Whimper now, now whimpering.
Trusting heard in a broken fortress.

Truth desire, desiring truth.
The story is fine but yet so lacking.
Carefully listen, listen carefully.
My mind is clear and yet is cracking.
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