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by Cinn
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arth's in trouble again, and the world must call upon the avengers to save them
"You dont know the powers of this artifact!" The Archaeologist yells, while laying on the floor bleeding out.

Arkman turns around, and plants his metal staff into the ground, leaning onto it. He lifts his steel mask to his face. In a deep raspy voice he says, "Don't tell me what I do and dont know." Then slowly starts stepping towards the archaeologist.

"There's a Demon inside of there
"There's a Demon inside of there. If you release it... It's going to tear everybody apart."

"So that shall happen" Arkman says lifting his staff into the air, then bringing the sharp bladed end into the Archaeologists side.

Arkman picks the small grey cylinder artifact. He runs his finger across it dusting residue off the sacred writing on it.

He starts to twist it open. Each twist makes a popping sound. Pop Pop Pop.

"Hey you, pass that over here!" a voice shouts.

A string lands on the Artifact, then shoots back up with it.

"Who the hell are you?" Arkman shouts twisting his bladed staff around, ready to attack.

The guy jumps down by Arkman. Hes wearing a red and blue suit. "I'm just your friendly neighborhood spider man" The guy says, then shoots a web into Arkman's face.

"You're gonna pay for that." Arkman Angrily says, then starts a sprint towards spider man.

Before Arkman can slide his blade into Spider man, he webs up to the roof of the storage unit.

When he looks up to find him, Arkman receives a flying kick to the face knocking him over.

"Well it was fun, but i got school tomorrow... So lets wrap this up!" Spider man says.

"That... is.. mine..." Arkman says, pointing towards the artifact.

"Finders, keepers!" spider man says running towards Arkman. Arkman catches a punch to his face, then blocks the next one. Arkman pulls spider-man's arm to the ground, bringing him with it. "Ahhh" Spider man cries out in pain. Arkman grabs the artifact, and kicks spider mans head to the dirt.

Arkman places the mask to his face, and disappears without a trace.
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