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A little catching up on what I have done writing-wise so far...
First and foremost of all, I would very much like to apologize for not being able to write anything on this here website in the past few weeks; I have been racking my brains to come up with a very good idea for a new story, but there have been so much of the following things lately-Work and family pressures, to be exact-That It could sometimes get hard for me to think of something good to write, but hopefully, the winds would change, and then I would finally be able to write something special for you folks again...
In the meantime, I have just Wattpad, and I have just written my very first online book, entitled, IN HEAVEN, THERE IS NO ROOT BEER, BUB! If you would very much like to take a look at it for yourselves, then go to this link right here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/191019259-in-heaven-there-ain%27t-no-root-beer-bub... I bet that you are going to have a great time laughing at this one!
Meanwhile, I had spent the 4th of July working, even though my uncle told me that there's not going to be too many people at the base; For those of you who missed what I had been doing earlier, I am doing food service work for a company called Sodexo at the Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware. Even though there were not too many people at work, I had to keep on doing the cleanin' in order for me to keep busy. And yes, I even went to bed early, even on the 4th of July. Hey, it is bad enough that I had to give up my own New Year's Eve plans, but...Well, if you happen to wonder why I had to, I shall tell you all about that in a future writing piece.

The very next day, I went on a little day-cation to Smyrna, Delaware...("SMYRNA!!!" Yes, I know, it is a running gag that I have invented from somebody saying Burbank...I had a pretty nice time there; I had grilled cheese for lunch, and then I had chocolate ice cream for dessert. And yes, it was a very hot day at the time, so I had to find any outdoor spot that I could find to cool off in this kind of weather, in which I did.
On the way to a Wal-Mart in Camden, Delaware, I saw blackish gray clouds that tell me that, "There's a thunderstorm coming, you better get inside!" So it was with that that I went inside the Wal-Mart. Later on, when I got home, I have decided to watch the annual A Capitol Fourth from Facebook Watch; Now, I know that this sounds silly, but I had been keeping this kind of expectation that all of the performers from this year's show would meet together during it, and then, in the show's end, it appears as though I have somehow finally gotten my wish: All of this year's performers were joined together to sing in the finale of "God Bless America". Well, I guess I am finally satisfied for once.
But the 4th of July has come and gone for another year, but there are still some writing goals that I would very much like to achieve during this season, or before the season's out, whichever comes first. And so with that, I would like to get started as soon as possible on writing a manuscript for my very first book, and not just an eBook. I shall explain further details on this as time goes on. And now, to change to subject, this past week I have just relaunched my Tumblr-hosted blog; Now, before it had its ultimate makeover, it had originally been a companion blog to the one in which I have just shut down for good last month after 6-1/2 years, the WordPress-hosted blog called KALEIDOSCOPE; But now, my blog in which it is hosted by Tumblr has become a standalone blog, and it is called It's Jenn W.! I have just published my first new posts for this blog, and I shall be writing as well as publishing more soon, so if you would like to check my new and improved blog for yourselves, just go to www.itsjennw.tumblr.com!

And so, that wraps it up for this article; But before I go, I would very much like to offer my thanks to the entire Writing.Com family for offering me a place in which I can showcase my talents. You guys are ever-so-wonderful, and I am looking forward to continuing working with you guys and to bring to you, the audience, more exciting stuff to come! Until then, take care of yourselves, with love-JW
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