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While exploring the ruins of Hyrule Castle, Zelda stumbles upon a mysterious mirror...
"What an odd mirror... I don't ever recall having one like it anywhere in the castle".

Princess Zelda stared curiously at the opulent mirror sitting in the corner of her room. It had been a few days since Link and her had sealed away the malicious Calamity Ganon. Immediately after the conflict, Link had escorted her to Kakariko Village, where Impa caught her up on all the changes that had occurred throughout Hyrule during her Hundred Year Struggle. After a few days of recovery and catching up, Zelda had insisted they return to the ruins of Hyrule Castle... Her home.

Their trip had progressed smoothly and with little trouble, aside from one particularly persistent Lynel that had pursued them across the entirety of Hyrule Field before finally succumbing to Link in a fierce battle in the ruins of an old ranch. After this, they had no issues reaching the decimated Castle Town, now littered with the lifeless corpses of Fallen Guardians. They had made camp for the night in a somewhat intact building before pushing into the Castle proper.

From what Link had told her, Zelda had expected the Castle to be infested with all manner of malicious beasts. However, as they strode through the lower levels, they encountered absolutely nothing. The only sounds they heard as they wandered through the deserted corridors were that of their own footsteps, with the occasional drip of water or crumble of stone.

After exploring the entirety of the Castle, from the Throne Room to the Prison Cells, Link finally gave Zelda permission to return to her room. He followed her there, of course, and made sure that her room was definitely empty and in no danger of being invaded. After that, the duo spent the rest of the day patching up the holes in Zelda's room and clearing out an area for Link to rest before turning in.

Well, Link did. Zelda, on the other hand, found herself intrigued by an object that she had never seen before. As she went about her evening routine, which she hadn't done in a hundred years, she found her attention drawn to a dusty tarp thrown over something in the corner of her room. She eyed it for a moment before shrugging and striding over to it. She ought to check with Link, but he was currently sleeping outside her room. Plus, if anything did go wrong, a loud scream would be enough to wake him. She hoped, anyway.

Staring at the tarp for a moment, Zelda reached out and gave it a light tug. Dust immediately flew off it, coating Zelda's clothing in a light layer of grey. Swiping herself down, she looked back up to find herself looking at what was possibly the most opulent and fancy looking mirror she had ever seen in her life. Even the one she had owned pre-Calamity hadn't been this nice looking!

It was about one and a half metres tall, more than enough to show her entire body had the mirror not been covered by her another sheet. The frame appeared to be solid gold, and had various shining jewels decorating it. At the top of the mirror was an inscription in a language she didn't recognize, as well as a golden heart with a ruby inset.

"What an odd mirror..." She murmured, rubbing a hand gently over its frame. "I don't ever recall having one like it anywhere in the castle".
Peering around the back of it, Zelda gripped the sheet covering the actual mirror. Taking a deep breath, she yanked it away...

... And immediately let out a gasp. Staring back at her with an equally shocked expression was her reflection, only instead of having her trim and well-endowed frame, it was massively obese. Her cute face was framed by three flabby chins, and her cheeks were round and had a slight red sheen to them. Her breasts had more than tripled in size and appeared to be the size of her head, if not larger. They commanded the majority of her tunic, turning it into a makeshift bra that struggled to contain the pale flesh. Beneath her breasts was a doughy gut that hung down in front of her thick thighs, which were now large enough to be in constant contact with the other. And finally, her firm backside, the source of many a woman and lust for a great deal of men from before the Calamity, had evolved into two flabby spheres that were stretching her elasticated pants to their absolute limits.

After a moment of gaping at her massive reflection, which was as wide at the frame, Zelda took a number of deep breaths, calming herself. With shaking hands, she went to touch her breasts. Her reflection copied her, running her pudgy hands over her massive breasts.

"What... What is this mirror?" Zelda wondered, inspecting her backside. "I look absolutely gargantuan, but I'm still slim! Is this some sort of magical prank? Perhaps I should alert Link, have him remove it from the Castle..."
Going to turn away, Zelda made eye contact with her reflection. As she did, a shock raced through her body, causing her to stop. Her mouth hung open slightly as she stepped closer to the mirror, her reflection doing the same.

As both Zelda and her round reflection stepped closer to one another, the gemstones in the mirror's frame began to glow, staring with the ones at the bottom. The glow began to gradually move upwards, giving the frame a bright glow, until it reached the gold and ruby heart at the top. It practically exploded with a golden-red light, which washed over the fascinated Zelda who showed no reaction to what was happening. Rather, her attention was fixated on her reflection, whose belly seemed to be pressing against the mirror.

What a disgusting version of me, Zelda thought. How could she let herself go like that? What about Calamity Ganon? The springs? Her power? Even with my body, I had trouble with all of that! She probably couldn't even make it to the Spring of Power, let alone the Spring of Wisdom atop Mount Lanayru!

And yet, repulsed as she was, Zelda couldn't take her eyes off herself.
Although... Zelda continued to think. I suppose a life such as hers would involve only the most delectable foods. I know I've had my fair share of fine meals, but she'd probably have many more than I! I suppose there are perks to being her size!

As a giggle escaped Zelda's lips, the golden heart pulsed. Another golden-red wave washed over her, who groaned as it did. Her mind, sharp and knowledgeable as they come, gradually fogged over until Zelda had one thought repeating over and over again in her head...

Is that me?

The mirror pulsed brightly, casting its light over the room. Standing inches away from the mirror, Zelda's trim body was bathed in the light, which penetrated her clothing and skin, reaching deep into her body. A pleasant tingle made itself known, which gradually grew in intensity the more light entered her body.

Is that me?

The tingle reached its peak, causing Zelda's face to contort with pleasure. She stared at her reflection, which stared back at her with the same ecstatic look on its face...

Is that me?

Her reflection grinned maliciously. She reached forwards, her soft arms passing effortlessly through the mirror's surface to rest lightly atop Zelda's flat belly. A giggle echoed throughout the room as Zelda's body, filled to the brim with mystical light, began to glow slightly. As if reacting to the touch of the mysterious entity, Zelda's dimly shining body began to change...

Is that me?

Her belly, where the entity's hand continued to rest, swelled outwards. Her form-fitting tunic slowly rose, revealing a band of using flesh that continued to swell. Above and below her growing belly, her pert breasts and firm backside followed her belly, gradually filling with fat and growing larger and rounder. It didn't take long for the once trim Zelda to appear pleasantly plump. However, her reflection wasn't done yet...

Is that me?

Her reflection's evil grin widened. What the swelling Princess didn't realise was that while her body filled with fat, her reflection's gradually trimmed down. Even now, she felt much lighter as her belly receded, her breasts shrank and her backside narrowed. Of course, it didn't much matter to her. This form of hers was only temporary, after all...

Is that me?

By now, Zelda and her reflection were around the same size. Each bore a belly that hung over the waistband of their respective pants. While the entity's pants were becoming increasingly slack, Zelda's were beginning to struggle with the steadily increasing amount of flesh. Meanwhile, her tunic was still rising up her belly, drawing ever closer to the gap between her belly and breasts. Her slack-jawed face was encircled by a second chin, with a third beginning to form.

Is that me?

The mirror pulsed yet again. Zelda's body absorbed more light, which accelerated the changes the Mirror Entity was forcing upon her. With the Entity now appearing overweight, Zelda could now be called obese. Her body was huge, yet her mind, still oblivious to her growing form, continued to ask that one question...

Is that me?

The Entity chuckled as the last of her flab was transferred into Zelda. She floated back into the mirror, her body slim. She grinned as she cupped her perky breasts and endowed backside. It had been a great many years since she had been this light, this mobile, this... this...


The Entity grinned and licked her lips as she felt power coursing through her veins. As she had been transferring her weight into Zelda, she had helped herself to some of the heavenly power flowing through her body. With this kind of power, she would have no trouble moving somewhere new...

Is that me?

The Entity looked up, a smirk on her face. Staring lifelessly at her mirror was the massive Princess Zelda, who still showed no signs of reacting to her new form. Her plump lips moved wordlessly, echoing the question she was asking herself. Grinning, the Entity leaned through the mirror...

Is that me?

"Yes... That is you..."

The Entity answered her question in a perfect imitation of Zelda's voice. Moving back into the mirror, she giggled and blew a kiss towards Zelda before the mirror's glow became blindingly bright. With her question answered, Zelda snapped back to reality just as both the glow of the mirror and her body receded, leaving no traces of the mirror nor her shiny frame.

"What was I... Where am... I feel so... Hungry and... Tired..."
A long yawn escaped Zelda's mouth as she took a heavy step backwards. She groggily rubbed her hanging gut, showing no signs of reacting to it. As another yawn pushed past her lips, she succumbed to her feelings of tiredness. With an almighty bang that shook the damaged furniture near her, Zelda fell backwards onto her flabby ass, which spread out beneath her. Her pants creaked dangerously, while her belly wobbled from the force of hitting the ground.

For a few seconds, Zelda's eyes fluttered between open and closed before she gave herself over to sleep. As she slept, her dreams were plagued of thoughts of delicious food. She saw herself stuffing herself with the most delectable treats from all the different races of Hyrule, growing bigger and bigger with each treat that passed through her lips...

The next morning, Zelda awoke to a bewildered Link staring down at her slightly sweaty form. Her tunic and pants, both damp with perspiration, clung tightly to her flabby frame, showing off every single curve the massively obese Princess now had. Zelda showed no signs of surprise when Link questioned her about her sudden weight gain. Instead, she only had three questions for him...

"When's breakfast? What am I having? And how much is there?"
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