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by Neil
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Just one of those crazy ideas that could never work....unless two people really wanted it.
I dreamt of a concept...
A perfect dynamo
To get more out than goes in
Simple in design yet complex in it's workings
It requires only two people to make it function
And, with the correct attitude and training
Will produce endless amounts of energy
With no waste or emissions

I can hear them now
Sceptics and naysayers alike calling out a scam
But this concept is real
And it can do everything I say
And to prove it
Here are the instructions....

You will need yourself and your partner
And your two hearts
Beating a rhythm of desire
Did I mention that the energy produced is love
The most powerful energy in the known universe

I believe in this concept
The simplicity is in the pure motivation of giving rather than taking
The complexity is in human nature, emotions and doubt
Any two people who have love in their hearts
Can make this concept into their very own reality
For each other...with each other

There are three core values needed for success...
This concept requires you...the both of you
Too feed off one another's efforts
When a person who wants something more
Who loves and can grasp that what they feel is limitless
Who have an attitude that can see beyond ordinary
Who are willing to do more for their partner
And they in turn do more

The key word is...MORE
More for them equals more for you
And is the driving force behind the entire concept
Not materialistic although it has it's part
More everything
Thought, care...love....whatever it is
When you see what your partner is willing to do
Give back more

Those who want
Those who love
Those with the right attitude can make the perfect dynamo
The perfect love

You are not perfect and neither is your partner
But together you can make something really special
The rewards are limitless but...
The potential for failure is very real...some would say inevitable...
I say that depends

Love has only two states of being...giving or taking
When two people understand this
And are willing to give instead of take
Then they are on track to have the perfect love

In an imperfect world there is only one thing with the potential for perfection
And that is the love that you give
And if you find someone who understands this too
I say why not
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