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Dealing with a person so broken is a challenge all its own.
To be a broken person is possibly one of the worst feelings one could feel,

You could have the best person/people right by your side and still not feel as if you are happy or safe, the fact that you feel so broken can manipulate you so much that you can’t even think or see clearly.
To be so broken that you mistrust even the closest people to you, you tend to feel that at any given time those same people could turn on you without even thinking twice.
Why is it that, so many situations and circumstances can break you so badly, to a point where you can’t even spell the word trust or love or safe?
To have you doubt every single decision that you made to a point where the only thing you are forced to do is push everyone away. A broken person feels a lot better alone,

Alone so that no one can hurt them,
Alone so that no one can one to lie to them
Alone so that no one can love them
Alone so that no one can can say they are a burden.

To have such a broken personality that you become so great at pretending,

Pretending to be happy
Pretending to care
Pretending to like or love someone
Pretending that things don’t get to them
Pretending to those closest to them

To be broken a person for such a long time that you are not even able to find some of the pieces missing to put yourself back together.
A broken person is one of the most dangerous people you could ever come across, much as a hurt person, they feel as if they have nothing much to loose. A broken person tends to think with their feelings and not their heads, because they are so broken, they don’t care who they hurt in the process however a broken person is very perceptive, very intuitive, very insecure which means that no matter what you tell them, they will not believe you. A broken person is very hard to please, very hard to love and very hard to convince. a broken person will always “find a loophole” in everything that you say to them, they are perhaps the most difficult person in every aspect of the word.

There is not much one can do for a broken person but to be patient with them and if you truly care for that person, you will stand by them, you will support them, you will love them and most of all check up on them.
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