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Stray dogs are the pets of our neighborhood


There are two types of dogs in Sofia--pets and stray dogs, or as I call the last ones-- independent dogs. There is a huge difference between them-pets are raised as a part of the family--they have all the care and attention they need. Stray dogs have nothing but their freedom.

When you walk in the streets you can see these independent dogs busy with their daily routine--looking for food, fighting with other stray dogs or lying peacefully in the sun.

Some of them are aggressive and bite people, and then there are long TV debates how to solve the problem with the stray dogs.

As a whole, people in Sofia like the stray dogs, feed them and play with them. These dogs are pets of the neighborhood, part of city lifestyle.

You can often see how smart these dogs are, much smarter than pets bred by people. They not only use their instincts but develop some intelligence that helps them to survive in the busy city--a difficult task for some people, too.

Traffic light turns green

But the cars don't move forward.

Dog crosses the street.

It's not a rare view in Sofia to see a dog crossing the street at traffic lights or a dog taking the bus for a ride or for warming up in winter. I sometimes ask myself if I were a dog which life I would prefer - the safe life of the pet, or the risky one of the independent dog. I always answer to myself that I would definitely choose the freedom of the stray dog. Then I pray to God to give me that freedom in my present life as a human being, too.

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