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by Paul
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time.....somewhere pendulums are silently swaying
day break
Time is a precious thing isn’t it? Andy Warhol once said “We are all famous for 10 minutes” or something along those lines, what takes precedence is making sure we fill our lives with enough memories so that our box of dreams overflows... love and life... two words or concepts that happily marry each other, make sure you live and love...find love, make love, give love, offer love... and live...we only have this one life and our time is over far too soon. Make mistakes and learn from them, don’t be afraid or ashamed to try and attempt...not doing so is missing out and that’s wasteful
These words are a collection of my feelings, some for the world in the way that I see it, or those emotions I find for it - others are for the people that I love within it. I don’t offer my affections easily, if you feel you’re mentioned then there’s the deepest passion and greatest honesty involved...”to thine own self be true”...and in these words I will have been.
Would I have said it right, or offered it enough to make it seem right and fitting. It’s hard to say...but I am fallible, and you’ll see that I make mistakes...I am bound by the human condition to get it wrong and not say and do things right. God knows I’ve tried and come the day I’ll apologise for my errors in judgement...
This morning is cool and breezy, they suggest that it’s summer but It feels like it’s autumn...the leaves have turned over showing their silver hues. The occasional rumble of cars breaks the silence and you sense that the populous are awaking to find this day cool and overcast...I think it’s time for tea

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