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The pole vault competition can be quite comical. Ha, ha, ha haaaa!
Ok, so my teenage son had a track meet today; he participated in the shot put competition. Before he competes, there is a downtime. Other competitions like hurdles, the high jump and the pole vault happens first. While sitting high up on the bleaches, awaiting my son's performance, I take a glimpse over at the pole vault competition, and behold, high school teens are performing their pole vault routines, but are hilariously failing to get up and over the bar.. Fuuuuunny! Definitely many, many giggling moments.

The first funny moment I noticed with these high school performers of the pole vault is when a skinny little boy runs quickly - boney little legs moving fast - with the tall pole in his hand, he goes to elevate with the stick and he couldn't quite plant the end of the stick in the ground to lift off; the stick slides forward on the ground and he slides along with it. He was really, really committed to elevating; he truly thought that he was going to get up over the bar, but he stumped. I'm not sure why seeing this teenager commit a blooper made me laugh, but it did. I guess my maturity level is as low as the kids elevation when trying to get up over the bar. Lol!

The second funny moment came when a little skinny Caucasian girl makes a confident move towards lift off, and right before getting up over the bar, her little young playful energetic legs didn't quite make it over the bar; she falls to the mat and lands on her little back, disappointed while her little legs are elevated in the air - she was in an L shape position for about 3 seconds; her skinny legs fall loosely and slowly to the mat. She came up close though. She looks up to the sky while still lying on her back in disbelief. To some people, this may not seem so funny, but you must remember that they are young; they have a whole life ahead of them. They will make mistakes, but the fact that they are active in something that will teach them how to persevere, try hard and to get better, until they are nearly perfect, is definitely deserving of my adult respect. Remember, they do not know that I'm laughing at them, but I do know that they will eventually succeed at their routines, I have confidence in them.

The third funny moment came when a skinny little teen runs for his leap of faith but when taking off, he hilariously gets stuck in the air holding onto the pole straight up and down for about three seconds. He was stuck, without any control. He did something wrong in the world of pole vaults, but I haven't clue, I'm no pole vault expert. His little legs were moving to go forward, while in the air, but he never went forward. He just fell backwards. Ha, ha! Besides watching my son do his shot put routine, this had to be the best event for me to watch. I'm excited about my son's next track meet.

My son did pretty well, I was a very proud father. I had a lot of fun today, more fun than I could have ever imagined. I would've never thought that I would have had so much fun watching high schoolers screw up so much during their performances of the pole vault. Funny, funny, funny. Ha, ha, ha!
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