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The poem details the pain and effects of frustrations in life
A Poem
Streams!!          Yes!! Streams!! Not of running waters downstream No!! But you will          understand. I cannot          recollect myself,          my mirror self can't help it either; but let the stream birth pain          from within; in its best form, you know how!!

You          can see my face plastered but I assume no time have you, anyhow you          will make it! You say!! But my face is plastered pain, hopelessness,          confusion and despair,

Pardon          me!! Childish! Ignorant! Rubbish!! I know most say they will!! But          struggle are struggles and yet a lot I've to embrace, though a hole          I feel in!! The falls are loud and many they are yet smiles I ware;          remain assertive? Inside a broken twig!! What a contrast.

A          laded soul a hand I ask, a voice I let, the hut of reason a word          enough, courage I long, encouragement I beg, show me the way a road          sign to the bright; For now I look past the river of the burning          tears of I can't

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