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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2195237
Sadako is now on team 7 with the other 3 she is the most strongest but she is blind.
Name: Sadako Kuroki
Sex: female
Hair color: Auburn long hair
Eye color: pale white and green
Traits: she likes Kyoya moto ,has a dragon in her locket named Ryoko, she uses no hands sign's and she has her clan logo burned into her left shoulder

I woke up hearing the alarm well i didn't sleep we have demon shadows that will haunt us tell we seal them she didn't need to change she slept in her clothes she reached down to grab her black high top boot's with white laces she jumped out the window and went to the academy once there the teacher told her to tell every one her name " Im Sadako my last name doesn't concern you" Sit by Saskue "the uchiha " i walked over and sat down i saw a boy with a wolf pup on his head looking at me he looked away after he caught me looking at him i thought Ryoko did you see that boy looking at me she responded yes i did i put my head on my hand's as Naruto mumbled " look like new girl doesn't like she like's any of this stuff" i quickly pulled an earbud out of my pocket and put it in my ear we went out side as i climbed a tree and sat watching the clouds "yo new girl " i looked down seeing the boy with the wolf pup "oh hello"i jumped down and front flipped over him onto the ground standing "whoa i didn't think you would do that " i do many thing's " well im Kyoya Moto" im Sadako like i said in class" i put a hand on my stomach Ryoko help me i inhaled the bloodied vapor and started to cough up blood "WHOA TEACHER" The teacher ran over and saw me i keep coughing up blood Kyoya saw my eyes there were pitch black with flames coming from the left and right i stopped wiping my mouth off"whoa are you alright Sadako"im fine " i got up as i sighed a flashback came back as everyone saw the younger me at the training grounds with my sister"Tori we should turn around i whispered to my sister" we went back as she stepped on a branch the 3 boy's looked our way lucky us they had the reaawas eye's the strongest ranking " well if it isn't a low rank " i inhaled the bloodied vapor and killed all three of them " sis is i bad to say i want to go home "we went home as my mom broke a bottle over my sister's head killing her i ran away as fast a i could i ran to Kai's house he looked at me "Oi.Knight of souls" my sister is dead i ran away i killed three boy's"whoa stop what happened to Tori "got a broken bottle over her head " i snapped out of the flashback as they looked at her "my shadow tries to take me over when the bloodied vapor happen's" i walked away as i went to my home i heared a rock i opened then window and fell out then saw Kyoya "umm sorry i didn't see you"well bye i went to my room as he left i went back to the academy the next day i sat by Saskue and said nothing Sasuke went to get his forehead protector as he came back and showed it fan girl's went nut's "yo your turn Sadako " i walked past him "hello Sadako make one shadow clone" i thought no one is this nice but ok i made the shadow clone and choose a black forehead protector i walked out "pass" i walked back to my seat and sat down i put my now visible headphone's on and quietly sang to the song ( demon's by image dragon's) Kyoya walked over hearing her singing "It's where my demon's hide don't get to close it's dark inside" she took them off and saw Kyoya "how much did you hear"most of it your a good singer"hm thank's " i smiled and got up as i sat on the table Sasuke looked at me " yo want to fight"i turned my head to him " sure Uchiha " i took my boot's off"are you dumb or something" no im making sure i don't break your nose when i kick it" i butterfly kicked him 7 meter's away then stopped as he fell onto the ground and i put my boot's back on i went home and slept for once i woke up at 9:00 am then ran out to find Kakshi,Naruto,Sakura ,and Sasuke sitting down "so Im Kakshi Blondie can go next" im Naruto i like ramen " batman go next" im Sasuke Uchiha i want to restore my clan and kill someone"Ryoko he want's to kill his brother " Billboard brow go" im Sakura i love Sasuke and want to marry him" Blindy go"i gave him a death stare" im Sadako my clan doesn't concern you all i like fireflies and hate my shadow and beer" I mastered the final stage on my rsasa eyes"HOW DID YOU MASTER THAT I DIDN'T EVEN AWAKEN MINE" You have to tell us sooner or later" Kyoya came "well my last name is Kuroki my ranking is Knight of soul's " where is your logo then" i showed them my logo burned into my left shoulder i hid it again "wait those scar's i know them' i looked at Kyoya " i was abused ok"i sighed and ran off our first mission was tonight i came out and saw them i smelled beer"i smell Beer" the person came out we were taking him to the rain village we left was got ambushed by Zomba i jumped in front of Sakura getting needles to the neck leg and arm i got up and inhaled the blooded vapor i killed Zomba then we went to the rain village when i passed out i woke up on someone's back and gripped there shoulder's in fear"whoa Sadako its fine" it was Sasuke i hid my face in the crook of his neck and fell asleep."she fell asleep "Sasuke whispered he could hear me mumbling thing's in my sleep i woke up and saw Kyoya"whoa where the hell wait where am i?" my house i healed you then i had to wait for you to wake up"oh well im awake and thank you for healing me " he hugged me i kinda just stood there confused "what are you doing " you don't know what a hug is" i shook my head he gave me a"for real bro " look "hm ima go " no wait want to get some ramen with me and your team"i kinda never ate ramen " oh then your coming " he pulled my arm and took me there we ordered the ramen and no one ate tell i took a first bite i sighed taking a bite"so how is it"Shut up im eating" Sasuke,Naruto ,Sakura laughed at the choice of word's we left after we all ate i sighed walking with them having a song stuck in my head "have you guy's ever felt stuck"yea" Kyoya looked at me "know what forget what i said"i walked home stopping when it was just me and Kyoya "yo Kyoya i kinda....." i stopped before saying it "like you "i sighed "wait you like me Kyoya Moto" i nodded he kissed my cheek i stood there "uhhhhhhhhhhhh"he went to his house as i left to mine still shocked (next day) i walked out as i stood there in front of Kakshi giving us Chuunin exam paper to get in i walked there and we finished the written exam it was time for the forest of death "you have 5 days you will be getting a scroll you have to get both a heaven scroll and an earth scroll then get to the tower" me and Kyoya teamed up we got a heaven scroll than an earth one form a rookie team i heared that Sasuke got in some trouble and ran there i killed a huge snake as a guy came down to bite Sasuke i jumped in front of him getting bit by the snake dude i screamed in pain as i blacked out i woke up 3 days after i was bit i sat up'' everything hurts''Kyoya helped me up " oi, you took a hit for the duckbutt "heh i did tch thought that would never happen"
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