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Jen an elderly lady loves love, faith and joy, but how?
         Jen loves love, faith and joy. Those are her three most favorite sayings. So, she bought three light grey colored cats and named them Love, Faith and Joy. They all have light violet colored eyes, which is a bit odd for a cat to have. Jen loved them anyway and now she spoils them rotten.

         Jen was feeling unloved after she lost her husband of 40 years and was sitting on her couch getting ready to read one of her favorite books. All of the sudden, Love comes and jumps up on her lap. Jen is surprised and puts her book back down on the couch.

"All Love, aren't you just so full of love! You knew that I was feeling unloved didn't you! Thank you! Here's some back to you from me too then!" exclaimed Jen while hugging and loving Love back.

         When Jen and Love were done loving each other, Jen picked up her book and began to read it. Jen is also a writer though and put down the book again. She was wondering if she should be writing a poem or something now instead.

"I think I'm going to write a poem about Love instead now," said Jen while walking over to her kitchen table getting her notebook out ready to write the poem.

Love, by Jen

Love is truly a lovely cat,
He's so full of love that I love that!
I'll never tell him to scat!

         All of the sudden, Jen lost her faith about being able to continue writing her poem. She wasn't too happy about this. Now, Faith jumps up on her lap.

"All Faith, you knew I lost my faith in being able to finish writing the poem. Thank you! I'll give you my love too, here you go now," said Jen while loving Faith now.

Love is full of love,
He snuggles me like a glove,
He even loves a dove.

Love loves to pur,
He has light grey fur,
He's a kind little sir!

"What a nice poem! This is for you Love! I hope you love it! Oh I'm sure you do!" exclaimed Jen happily.

         After supper, Jen also has lost her sense of joy in her life since her husband died. She was feeling gloomy and uncheerful now. She didn't know what else to do after supper.

"Meow, meow!" exclaimed Joy while wanting to play with Jen.

"What is it Joy?" asked Jen while knowing that Joy wanted to play.

"Oh alright, let's play!" said Jen while starting to play with Joy. After a short while, Jen had fun and joy brought by Joy back into her life again. She was happy again!

"Thank you Joy! I needed that! Here's some treats for all of you now. Thank you all!" said Jen merrily.

         Love, Faith and Joy finally brought all of those good things back into Jen's life again. Jen kept having this done by them for her. Jen lived a happy life now and enjoyed having her friend over to experience this with her also.

~ The End! ~

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2195241