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We all are mistreated in this deadly world.
Just like a wrinkle paper...you were thin.Your face lost colour and your eyes dim.Your heart crushed in many pieces.I know how you smashed on the bed .With a million of thoughts inside your head.Tears started to roll down your cheaks .People started to call you an insane and freak.I know how it felt.Because we have been misused in our lives.We are just afraid to share with you guys.we are just afraid to be misused again.We are afraid to be in pain again.We are just afraid to be in that phase again.Using some one for their goodness is isnt fair .How come you are happy when you dont even give them their share.Treating someone for your own purpose is afar out deal.Ha,dont laugh i know how it feels.Using someone for attention and care. Shouldnt i give you a slap because that sounds fair. Then again we live in a society.That is just rubbish and trash.Where our oppinions always clash.We talk about human rights.When we ourselves are engaged in fights.We talk about corruption.Ah,dont go even on parenting .The generation has lost itself.Now my dear.Just shed those tears .Nobody cares.You have to become a devil.Make it to the level.To breathe in a society .That doesnt care.
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