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A thought about the one thing that prevents us from being together...
My dearest friends, we are living in an age where, at this very moment, there is something which concerns things in which has been keeping people apart-That something is called division; There have been things that have caused people to become divided, and division happens to be the reason why these things happen. It seems that for some, the best way to solve any problem is by just simply disagree on what the other people agree on, and when people cannot ever, ever agree on the most important things in this lifetime, then that is when they become divided-Divided by hatred, divided by lack of love, divided by rebellion. Even greed, as well as selfishness, become the main causes of division.
So with that, is that how this great country of ours works now, and what we are fearing that it might work here in America if something is not done to correct this? My friends, division does not ever make things right in this country, but not only that, it creates problems rather than solve them. Division makes bad situations already worse for things in this lifetime-Just take a look at what happened when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico-The government’s disagreements on the most important things in this life-including food and water-is what has caused the suffering to happen for that island that had been hit by the hurricane in the first place, and not only the hurricane itself. When would the government ever stop disagreeing on one another and just put aside their differences and help those who are suffering?
I really do not like the fact that people that have been divided by such disagreements in life, and to me, that breaks my heart so very much. Division not only causes problems rather than solve them, but if something is not done about this problem soon, then the United States of America would collapse.

The only best way that we can unite people and erase division is by getting people together and to agree on the important things in this life here in this country, and by sharing what they think and know is the best, and if it goes well, then they would finally compromise on the things that they would finally agree on. That is what I would very much like for this country to work on, and for this great nation of ours to FINALLY work on.

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