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by Dragyn
Rated: ASR · Poetry · Mystery · #2195318
A day at the pool has a surprise ending
We had a great day at the local pool
The weather was warm, and the evening was cool.
My friends and I splashed around
our cares, nowhere to be found.

The evening was darkening,
and the lifeguards started packing.
They told us it was closing time,
so out of the pool we climbed.

Dripping wet and shivering a bit,
we dashed to find our “swim kit”.
Towels, flip-flops, and sunscreen too-
we had it together, mind you!

The swim kits nowhere to be found,
we searched high and low- all over the ground.
Backpacks with wallets and keys-
and as we searched, Nature cooled down the breeze.

The lifeguards all ready to go home
were unsympathetic with our problem.
They rushed us with our search,
but these missing items left us in the lurch.

Soon they told us we had to leave-
staying so late at the pool is against policy.
We had no shoes, no clothes, and no money,
our day was quickly becoming anything but sunny.

Without a phone to call a ride and no money to pay,
we wondered how we’d get home okay.
Shivering and shuddering as we made our way back,
we tried to get home without our packs.

As it turns out, someone’s bro
had decided to use our stuff as ammo.
He blackmailed us into doing his work,
Watching us with a smirk.

I coughed and sneezed, still in my suit,
as we worked for him to release his loot.
I sniffled a bit, and a cough or two spilled-
that’s when I realized, I was getting ill.

The best day of our summer
had now turned into a bummer-
all thanks to the scheming plot
of some boy who didn’t want to mop.

40 lines
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