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A short story about a pegasus that tries to reach for the stars but struggles to do so.

         Pearl a 4 year old unicorn loved to fly. But she was having trouble being able to fly as high as she wanted to. She was still learning how to fly. She wanted to fly as high as the geese but for some reason she couldn't. The geese were the ones who trained her because he parents left her to survive on her own for a while on Earth. They wanted her to see and experience how it was to be grown up.

"Well, I'm going to try to fly as high as the geese today. I wonder how Harvey the goose is doing? I'm going to go see if he's over there by the lake or not," said Pearl while taking off to the sky heading toward the goose's favorite lake she knew of.

"Hi Harvey! It's nice to see you again! How are you today?" said Pearl.

"I'm doing fine thank you Pearl. We're about to swim to eat. What are you going to do?" said Harvey going toward the lake to swim with the others.

"Oh I was about to try to learn how to fly up into the sky as high as the stars. I want to go see my parents that's why I want to fly that high. I miss seeing them!" said Pearl sadly.

"Just keep trying you'll make it Pearl," said Harvey happily.

"I will Harvey. Thanks for being my teacher, I love you!" said Pearl merrily and starting to fly into the sky to try flying as high as the stars.

"I love you too dear Pearl. You were fun to teach!" said Harvey with a tear in his eye knowing that he was already done teaching Pearl.

         Pearl flew up to her favorite mountain top. She thought that it would help her fly as high as the stars. It would let her have the boost she needed to get up to the stars.

"This will probably help me reach the stars! This is the highest place on the mountain! I bet this will do it!" said Pearl positively.

"One, two, three!" Pearl said while flying up high into the sky. For some reason, she only got a few feet off of the mountain top. Was she afraid to fly too high? What was the problem?

"Oh no! Not again! What's wrong with me? Why can't I fly any higher than this? I'll try again then," said Pearl sadly.

         All of the sudden, it started to rain. The sun was partially out though too. Pearl sat on the mountain top waiting for the rain to stop.

"It's funny, why is it raining with the sun out? How strange. I'll wait until it stops then I'll try again," said Pearl while looking around for something to eat. She found a wild raspberry bush and ate some of the raspberries on it. When she finished, she noticed that it stopped raining.

"That was delicious! I love those berries! I'm full now though. Wait a minute! What's that in the sky? How beautiful! I'm going to go look at it!" said Pearl curiously. It was a rainbow! Let's see if this helps her fly higher or not!

"Wow! I'm going to go see what this is! It's beautiful! I'm getting closer and closer to it!" said Pearl approaching the rainbow more and more. She finally got as high as the rainbow's top was. She was almost as high as the stars now. Now she was happy and excited because this was the highest she ever flew.

"This is great! Now if I fly a little higher I can be as high as the stars! I'll be able to leave Earth to go visit my parents!" Pearl said merrily while continuing to fly up as high as the stars now. The rainbow helped her fly higher because she was curious about it. Now Pearl was happy and kept flying higher and higher until she arrived at the planet her parents live on.

"Mom! Dad! I made it! I can finally fly as high as I want to! My friend Harvey the goose taught me how to fly. He was my teacher and is my best friend too. I'm so happy that I'm finally here!" exclaimed Pearl with a lot of happiness.

"It's great to see you sweetheart! We've really missed you too. We've been waiting for you," said Jewel Pearl's Mother.

"Yes! Welcome home Pearl! We love you!" said Pearl's Father, Sapphire.

         Pearl and her parents celebrated the day that Pearl finally grew up enough to be able to fly to her parents and visit them all by herself. Everyone was happy. Pearl took her parents back to Earth to meet Harvey and show them the raspberries on her favorite mountain when they were done celebrating Pearl being all grown up. Everyone lived happily ever after!

~ The End! ~

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