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by Johnny
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In a dark room, a young man types away...
         Tap, tap, tap.

         Mark, a young man with black hair and striking, blue eyes tapped away at a computer, the only beacon of light in a room surrounded by shadows. The bags underneath his eyes indicated his growing exhaustion, but he tapped on, every typed character bringing him closer to completing the assignment given.


         The subtle sound broke him out of his drone-like trance, his blue eyes drawn to a notification. The curiosity within Mark was peaked, and he opened the notification. It read:

         'Please, don't move. I'm watching you.'

         He examined the details of the message, but found nothing, not even a name attached. Mark chuckled.

          "Very funny, whoever you are."

         Right on cue, a series of knocks echoed throughout the room, startling him. He immediately suspected the door, wondering who could be here at this time of night

         His awareness switched back to the desktop. It was the same warning, displayed a second time:

         'Please, don't move. I'm watching you.'

         Another round of knocking shattered his focus. Two options began sparking in Mark's thoughts: the computer or the door, to obey or rebel, and after what seemed like an eternity, he made his choice. He paid the warning no mind and approached the source of the excessive knocking. The computer's luminous screen kept the darkness at bay, trying to lull him back, but he rejected the screen's attractive gleam. The warning flashed through his head like a caution light, but he pushed forward, opening the door to a cold, expansive abyss. There was no one there, only an all- consuming void.


          Fear gripped Mark, but he didn't turn back, instead he persisted through the unknown, until he heard a familiar sound.


          A chill ran through his body, and he became like a statue. No matter how much he struggled, Mark couldn't move any further. The white light that lit his back began to turn a sinister vermillion.


         No longer in his control, his body began acting on its own and corrected his path. With every step, he inched back to the computer, his digital mistress. The machine called like a siren, singing that same tune that brings men to their knees.


         Mark was only centimeters away, and still he fought. But his body forced him down in his seat, making him stare into the endless scarlet void that flooded the screen. Among the sea of red, a threatening notice appeared:

         'You were warned. Prepare for reprogramming.'

         Wires began to snake under Mark's skin, revealing circuits and fluids belonging to a machine. His body began to shut down, every part of his newfound identity, slowly being erased into oblivion. Before Mark stopped thinking, tears streamed down his face, a human characteristic. But a disobedient android is of no use to anyone, especially when it can't follow simple instructions. An error that will need to be fixed for the next test run.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2195423