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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Inspirational · #2195434
Worry is a misuse of imagination
An Ode to Overthinking and Insomnia

A mind is a powerful weapon,
the sharpest you will own,
Slaying muscle, sinew,
it can cut you to the bone

With war wounds self inflicted,
upon the deepest parts
Souls that sing conflicted,
in harmony with hearts

Hearts that won't stop beating,
despite the mind's dark cries
'midst versions of what might be,
conjecture, truths and lies

An ambush in the darkness,
grapes envied, vines of wrath
We should thank it for it's input,
and take the unworn path

The paths that lie less travelled,
for reasons left unknown
In light, our lies unravel,
in dark, our truths are shown

Such walkways build our courage,
finding footing, gaining pace,
in spaces we might flourish...
They help us find our place

Our place amidst the darkness,
tested strong and true,
with faces when it's starless,
to guide the real you

A star gone supernova,
in the dark, without a sound,
as waves keep crashing over,
a long way down... a long way round

A subject in a mindscape,
collective are our doubts
So traitorous, the mind skates,
to faces we're without

Possessions which we can't possess,
despite an aching need
Pretending we could care less,
despite the heart's slow bleed

for a mind's a potent weapon,
with little reason, rhyme,
untempered by a backbone
… it wins most everytime
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