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Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #2195469
A short story about a band made up of dogs and a female frog.

         Dotty and Max are dogs and Kroa is a frog. Dotty is a Dalmatian and Max is a beagle. They love to play music together and formed their own band. Their band is called, The Blue Trio because they all wear the color of blue. Dotty plays the drums, Max plays a trumpet and Kroa plays a guitar and sings.

"Hey Kroa, did you write any new songs yet? I want to play for the school again this week. My parents said they'll be there and wanted to hear me play," said Dotty.

"Yes, I wrote one. It's finished. It's about nature," said Kroa.

"That's great Kroa. Let's go play in my garage. I'll let my parents know," said Dotty.

"Ok, I'll call and let my parents know we'll be playing in your garage," said Kroa, getting the phone calling her parents on her cell phone.

         When they got to Max's house, they found out that he was sick with the chicken pox. They weren't happy finding out about this. They wondered how they were going to play this week without him.

"Oh no! I can't believe he has the chicken pox!" exclaimed Dotty to Kroa.

"I know, what are we going to do?" said Kroa to Dotty while scratching her head.

"We need to find someone to play the trumpet for us. Let's ask around at school and see if anyone would like to do this for us. I already know someone, it's Jake. He's a golden retriever and plays the trumpet as a hobby," said Dotty.

"That's great that we already know someone. Thank goodness! I know him too, we've all seen him playing at school in music class," said Kroa.

         Dotty and Kroa went to school the next day and saw Jake. They asked him if he'd play for them this week. He said yes and that he'd love to play the trumpet for them.

"Yes, why of course I'll play for you. I love playing the trumpet! Thanks for letting me be in your band. Did you know that I can also play a flute? I wonder if you'd accept me into your band? Would you like to hear me play my flute?" asked Jake curiously.

"Yes, I'd like to hear you play your flute," said Dotty.

"Yes, I'd like to hear you play that too. Thanks for joining our band for this week Jake," said Kroa.

         Dotty, Kroa and Jake went to Dotty's house and they let Jake play his flute. They loved how he sounded. They told him that if he wanted to he could play the flute in their band and be a part of their band. They told him they'll let Max hear him play when he gets better and know that he'll also accept him into the band.

"Ok Jake. Here's our song. We'll at first play it for you then you play along with the trumpet," said Dotty.

"Yes, I'll listen," said Jake.

"One, two, three," said Dotty.

         After Jake heard the song, he really liked it. He then went to play the trumpet. He sat in the place where Max would be as though he fit right along in the band already. Jake played the trumpet really well his first time, he was a natural! Dotty and Kroa loved it!

"You'll be great at school! We're already ready for this! This is wonderful!" exclaimed Dotty.

"Yes! You're great! I can't wait until we play at school now!" said Kroa merrily.

         It was finally Dotty, Jake and Kroa's turn to play at school. All of their parents were there too. Jake was a little nervous but that went away after he started playing the trumpet. They played really well. It was a music contest and they won. Their parents were really happy and proud of them. Max was there but didn't tell them that until the contest was over. He got better the same day and decided to go see them play. He knew that they'd find a good replacement and was wanting Jake to join their band already. Now the bands name had to be changed to The Blue Cuatro because Jake joined them. After this, they all played for the school and won many more music contests.

         ~ The End! ~

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2195469