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by Paul
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She discovers it’s not what she thinks it is.
“What are you up to?”

“Getting set up for the shoot, I’ve got a deadline in a week.

“Who are you shooting this time? Some dangerous criminal or government spy? Will there be another party like after the last one?”

“Nah, sorry, no excitement, it’s for The Good Place, that new breakfast/veggie on Prim Street, the one advertising smoothies and hand made fruited yogurt. I’m doing ingredients this morning, hence all the fruit.”

“I noticed them on the way in, I really like Blackberries—.}

“STOP! Don’t eat—.”

“..., but that’s Bad! God, Ian, this tastes terrible.”

“It’s supposed to, I’m dressing them for the shoot and I use things like hair spray and glycerin.”

“Yetche! What did I just eat? It’ll probably turn me into the incredible hairy beast or something!”

“Nah, no such luck.”

“I’ll get you for that!”

“Hair spray makes them look cold and glycerin looks like condensation.”

“Why can’t you just use cold berries?”

“They warm very fast under the lights and the water evaporates. This gives me time to get it just right. I saved some out for us, they’re in the fridge. Don’t eat anything in here.”

“Those pancakes and coffee look pretty good.”

“Syrup doesn’t show up so that’s 40 weight Pennzoil and the bubbles in the coffee are liquid Ivory soap.”

“You really know how to appeal to a girls stomach. I don’t even want breakfast now.”

“Let’s check out my clients place? I’ve heard it’s very good.”

“What kind of hair spray?”


“What kind of hair spray did you use?”

“Aqua Net.”

“You could have used L'Oreal Paris Elnett to poison me.”

“How much?”

“CVS has it for $17.50.”

“DollarStore has mine for $2.00.”

“Let’s give The Good Place a try. I’m just not so sure about the “Good.”
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