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Giantess Story About Antman. Giantess: Cassie Lang
(After Ant-man, Before Civil War)

*Beep Beep Beep*

Scott woke up, stretching his arms. is 5 o clock in the morning, a time that Scott usually spent sleeping. However he couldn't right now, cause he had work to do. Getting out of his bed, the first thing he did was take a shower and go down to make some coffee. He needs to make sure he won't wake up his daughter Cassie. The young girl was spending the time at her fathers. Scott is so glad that his daughter is staying at his. In Prison she was all he could think about, when he was Ant-man she was all he could think about.

Speaking of which, he needs to start working. Grabbing his coffee and grabbing his suit he plans the work. Looking at Hank Pym’s schematics, he got to work tinkering with the suit. If the suit is capable of shrinkage and size reduction, then theoretically it can grow him as well. He just needs to alter the suit correctly.

Which he did for the next two hours, working hard as he planned to do this before Cassie woke up. After a while he finished, or at least believed he did.

Only one way to test it now. The morning light pouring into the windows he put onto his size. Wearing it and taking down his helmet he prepared. Pushing down his button he expected it to grow him. He calibrated for at least an extra foot, something fun to show Cassie.

But like many things in his life, it didn't work out like Scott hoped. He didn't grow, but he shrunk. not only to his usual Ant-man size, but even smaller then that.

He crashed down to the kitchen floor and hit hard. Of course the suit made him as durable as he was normal size so it didn't bother him. What did bother him was when he looked around and realised he was far smaller then he likes. From this point of view, his old size would of been like a giant to him.

“Well, guess first attempt can't always work” He dismissed “Better get big before Cassie wakes u-”

He didn't finish that sentence, cause Cassie woke up. Seeing her walk into the room was like seeing her daughter as a goddess. Looking bigger then anyone he's ever seen. If he had to compare his daughter height to anything, he would say its Everest.

“Daddy, are you in here?” Cassie’s voice boomed. She took a step and walked in, thankfully nowhere near he was as her feet would of been far to dangerous.

“Shit, i got to get big now” Scott said as he held the reverse button “And going up!”

Nothing happened

“And going up!”

Nothing happened

“And going up!”

Nothing still happened

“Shit, okay... this is not good... Um, got it!” Using the device Hank Pam created which let him talk to ants. Within seconds he got swarmed by them, all surrounding him as he looked around.

“Well you guys are a bit bigger” Scott said as he was shocked. Before the ants ranged from dog size to car size. Now they range from elephant size to Kaiju size. If he didn't have the power to command them, he would be very worried. “Lets go, Cassie’s tired and if she's anything like me doesn't watch where she's going”

Scott ran to an ant, planning on climbing on top. And he would... if he didn't have to pause and look up.

How his daughter snuck up so close to him was beyond him, but seeing her raise her bare foot over him and letting Scott see his daughter sole. Looking up her skirt and seeing his young girls underwear. They looked so out of the realm of touch as it looked like heaven to him. Figuratively of course. “Mother of daughter! Ants! Run!” Scott said as he started to run, running from his daughters dropping foot. The Ants try but the second it took for the command to go from Scott’s mind to theirs. It was far too late.

Her giant foot came down and stopped onto all of the massive ants. Seeing Kaiju size ants destroyed with one little step was amazing. All of them died to his daughter’s foot as she continued walking. Completely unaware of Scott as she kept walking. Scott ducking down as he almost got hit by her toes. Looking to the side he could see smashed ant carcasses all around him. He does feel bad, but at the end of the day it made sense. They are ants after all.

he watched as his daughter moved and grabbed some cereal and a bowl. At least she's gonna sit down when she's eating that, which gives him time as another Ant came, one that can fly. It landed next to him and he got to moving. Jumping on the wing and running up to it “Okay buddy. Make sure not to get stepped on got it!”

Once he was on its back it started to fly up! moving up into the air and right over Cassie. Looking down he could see his daughter eating cereal with a spoon. Shovelling it into her mouth as she kept eating. Up above the ant was flapping as he got up. Looking down he figured that its not gonna be easy given her size, but she's the only help he can get. After pushing the button again and seeing that it still wasn't working he dived down. Making sure he wouldn't land down onto the cereal he aimed for his daughters head. he expected a soft landing right onto her brown hair. However he found he was too small and landed down even more. Landing onto her bare scalp as he was able to make his way in between the gaps.

“Okay, thats a hit to my confidence” Scott quipped, seeing just how small he really was “Least I'm closer” he said again as he got moving. He kept running and running as he planned to scale down her hair. He can grab a strand and swing it in front of her face! that way she has to see him! Even if he hangs there for a while.

But the thing about size, is the smallest movement for the bigger ones can cause the biggest problems for the smaller once. Just as Scott reached the front part of his daughters head, Cassie titled her head forward. Causing Scott to lose his footing and of flying down off Cassie’s head. he tried to grab a strand of hair before he went down but he couldn't manage.

He was falling down, arms flailing as he found himself free falling before the mount Rushmore size face of his daughter. her eyes looking bigger then the biggest thing he's ever seen. The Hulk itself would be taken down from a single hit of her eyelash. He didn't stay hear her eyes for though, as he kept going down and down. Dropping past her massive nose and her massive lips. Going down and falling into the place he really didn't want to.

He fell down into Cassie’s cereal bowl. Hitting the milk hard he swam up inside, looking at the islands around him which was the small cereal pieces. “Cant i catch at least one break!” He said under his helmet. When he goes to Hank and Hope, its not gonna be easy to explain why his suit is covered in milk.

Suddenly he looked up and saw his massive daughter! Her spoon coming down as he knew the worst was about to happen. “Crap!!!!” He screamed at the top of his lungs as the spoon was coming for him. he saw the giant island food get swept up as well as he thought for a second he could out swim it. But he couldn't.

He watches as the milk rumbled and moved as the spoon came up. Surrounding him for yards as it was obvious he was going up. When she raised the spoon he panicked as he went back up.

Very afraid as he passed his daughter’s t-shirt and up to her face. He was even more afraid as he saw his daughter open her mouth wide. He saw Cassie’s wiggle tongue and her teeth on each side of you. He was not going to die inside of his daughter! He needs to do something.

But with the milk, he can't get any good ground. He can't leap he needs to... “Cassie, don't eat me when I'm gone!” He joked knowing full well she won't hear him.

Quickly swimming down into the milk, he paddled down as he knew time was of the essence. He was getting pulled closer and closer to her mouth as he kicked his feet.

He kept going down and down until he reached the bottom, flipping around and putting his feet onto the spoon. Which was perfect cause Cassie’s lips were on either side of the spoon ready to suck in the spoon.

Kicking it off with power that most wouldn't believe, he flew out of the milk like a torpedo and out away from Cassie’s mouth.

That part was good, cause she just put the whole Spoon into her mouth. What wasn't good though was where he was going.

Right up her nostril, he could t stop himself as he flew right up. landing right in as he pushed back. Only hitting when he found himself tied up with snot and boogers. He thought that they would be angry about the milk, this is gonna make it even worst. His only hope is that Hank won't even try to touch the suit.

For Cassie outside, she did feel the hit. Coughing on her food as she lowered her the spoon. Something just went up her nose, and she's ready to pick it. She's been taught by her Mom and Dad not to pick her nose, but they weren't around.

Inside Scott breathed a sigh of relief, ready to stop there and relax. However he didn't get the chance, as Cassie brought her finger inside and picked the booger he was stuck in. He tried to fight it off, but it didn't work. Her finger came over him and pushed down, scooping him out of her nose as he was sent on yet another ride.

Cassie was digging for gold up her nose when she found the booger, not thinking anything of it as she scooped it out and held it right in front of her face Something Scott was amazed to see being held in front. he was stuck in her boogers so he couldn't do anything right now.

She was going to flick it off onto the ground, causing Scott to start all over again, however she didn't. Instead she brought her eyes closer to look over it. And what she saw... well it amazed.

“Daddy?” Her voice boomed, milk coming past and almost hitting him in the face. “Daddy!”

“Yes Cassie its me!” He said to her, happy to see his mountain of a daughters face turn to a smile.

Cassie who was holding him so close didn't hear words, instead just heard a noise “Wait a second okay!!” She boomed. Scott then found himself and the booger taken to Cassie’s ear. She then planted them both in there as he looks around in the cave.

“Daddy can you hear me now!” Her young voice boomed.

“Question is... Can you hear me!” he shouted.

“Barely” She said giggling at how small he was. “What happened? When your Ant-man your bigger then that?”

He fought his way out of the booger and sat down next to it “You don't need to worry about that, can you make a call to Auntie Hope for me?”

“Right daddy” She said as she then grabbed her spoon “But after i finish my food”

Scott smirked, thinking Cassie is having fun being the one in charge. Wanting to make his daughter happy he played along, of course teasing back “Fine, and then we can talk about you picking your nose” He finished leaning against the massive booger
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